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Count me among those who would love for you to share the pattern. They are lovely. Also the stained glass is too - reminds me of the Rainbow Fish (in a good way).

You could always do the chart on graph paper and then scan it into a PDF for Acrobat reader.


Almost you convince me of the goodness of noro.

kim in oregon

The bag is beauteous. I've started my own after being inspired by yours. What is this lining business though?


The bag is gorgeous. Finish it!!


More baggy love coming from this quarter.

I have all the cable symbols drawn up, and I just plop them into a chart as needed. I'd do it for you just for the joy of having the pattern, or if you have a graphics program I can give you the symbols.


You could always buy some graph paper, chart it out by hand with a ruler, and then scan it into the computer... that's what I did recently, and it worked surprisingly well. (and surprisingly fast too).


Ooooo it turned out so pretty.

Linda D

Mmmmm... naked alien....

Super cool bag - bring it to knitting for a fondle??

Beth S.

I'm not seeing the naked aliens, but that may be a good thing. ;-) And oh for the google hits you're going to get...

The bag is a stunner.


Naked aliens. Hee.

The Noro bag is gorgeous. It reminds me of ginkgo leaves. Lovely, Noro ginkgo leaves.

Tameson O'Brien

Hopefully the link won't break but try this:
It's a charting symbols font from XRX. You can find it at the knitting universe website, downoads/charts/sybols font. I use it, it's not too bad.

Good luck charting.


David over at The Sweater Project has a truly wonderful cable graph creator. All you do is "punch" in the abbreviations and numbers and then let the computer do the rest of the work. Of course you would need to provide the rest of the information. But I'm confident that you can do it!

go here for chart generator:

then scroll down to Visiknit (under pages)


Jen da Purse Ho

your bag came out gorgeous!!!!!

i would love a mitten pattern too. :) hahahah


Hmm, I really love your cabled mittens, they are just beautiful. I hope that you're able to create a chart, it's just amazing.

I was concerned about felting such a lovely fabric, but it looks spectacular.


The bag looks great felted! Love the colors!


My Darling,
Have you not heard of Sweater Project, and his wonderful cable chart generator ?



Looks like you have a bunch of free suggestions for knitting charting.

The bag worked beautifully.


Oh my... the bag is beautiful. So beautiful.

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