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Arwen is lovely. Yes that is what Cheerios and microwaves are for. ;)


I have a messy house too, because I get so distracted by my knitting :)


Holy crap you are flying! I'm done the back and last night I got to the point on the left front where you cast on the sleeve stitches. I think I might wash the back, just to make sure i'm happy with the fabric.

Mary K. IN Rockport

You are right. But one must interrupt oneself long enough to get out to buy the Cheerios, and the milk, and the stuff to put in the microwave. Unless you have supermarket delivery in your neck of the woods? (What is a NECK in the woods?)

Rachel H

Sigh. I need that sweater. I may use that as my 'I can start this on Jan 1 if I finish up the other crap littering my house' knitting lure.


The microwave is our main food prep appliance, especially when I'm on a knitting jag. Last night: microwaved chicken soup (at least it was homemade, but leftover. That was my one domestic moment of the week).

Leslie Scanlon

Julia, Once again a lost hour or two reading your blog, did you see the silk swing top add in interweave. Thanks again for letting us do the shoot at your house.


Good going with Arwen, it looks great.


Of course you are right.


Looks great, Julia. The first time I saw Arwen I thought I had to knit it in that ice blue, but the more of them I see I realize that the pattern is gorgeous in every color. I really like the gray.


Clean houses are for boring people. And cheerios are healthy dinner, in my book.

Beth S.

So exciting. :-) I think this is going to be a stunner when it's done, especially if you get it to be the right length for you.

I've been known to have Cheerios for dinner too (though in the colder months I prefer oatmeal. ;-)

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