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Bah, humbug. Much too early for me! No, let me refine that: I'm already getting ready for Christmas, I'm just not ready for all the trappings to be on display yet-- I'll have Christmas indigestion before Thanksgiving!

Mary K. IN Rockport

Your vocabulary frequently bemuses and amuses me, but what is a contrafibularity? Never mind - explaining would probably spoil the joke.


Why can't we wait until after Thanksgiving to throw out all the Christmas stuff? There were places around here that had Christmas out before Halloween. Time goes by fast enough for me. ;)


My son just said, "I like that, a YARNED ornament!"


Oh frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Teresa C

Aww, and I didn't make it over there, we stayed on Newbury St. We were about the only ones crazy enough to make an afternoon of it in Boston. I'll be back to see that thing in person.


Argh, Anne stole my comment. Or I'm stealing hers. My husband has already succumbed to his annual case of Grinchus majoris, so as far as I'm concerned, the holidaze hath commenced. Me, I can't throw up the fake white Yule tree fast enough...though I am civilized and wait until Thanksgiving to break out the Shiny Brites and egg nog. Usually.

Alexandra W.



Well, I might be able to top that. There's a radio station here that's already playing Christmas music! Non-stop from November 1st until December 25th.


I think I can figure out what wencing is. And yes, Anne is far more awake than I am.


Yep, I'll be doing seasonal work most of today... bah! humbug!


Every year I forget. Every year on the day after Halloween, I let out an anguished cry, "not again!"


"Wencing" that olde for wincing?


I'm doing an ostrich-y thing re: the approach of festivus and its attendant holidays.

And I have never read that. Isn't that shameful?

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