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That cable really IS perfect for mittens. Good eye on The Mister. I can't wait to see them finished! Love the color combo on the test knit, too.


Those mittens are gorgeous!

And the Ella Rae colors are WAY better and you don't have to wind it. :)


I would SO make those mittens with the cable! Please, please, please...


The Mister is good! (Have I seen him lurking in blogland and leaving comments, too?)


Really? It's the same yarn? I picked up some Ella Rae at a close-out sale some months back and it just might look fabulous as two color mittens. Hmmmm, must go check the stash.

Beth S.

The Mister has a fine eye, I must say. And it's wonderful that he "gets" what you do!

I covet Kate's leafy mitten pattern. I don't know how she does it... it looks just like chain stitch embroidery, but I bet the whole thing is knitted. Genius.


I agree that is perfect for a mitten. What a great man you have there to recognize it. Sounds like he has a little fiber in his blood .;)


I covet that cable!


He's a wheelwright in training AND he can recognize a good mitten pattern when he sees one? The man's a miracle.


Now that is not only a beautiful mitten, it is an obviously handknit no-storebought-acrylic-for me-mitten. Brava! to the knitter, and bravo! to the mister.


Write the pattern up, huh? Okay? So I can make some of those mitten things.


Wow, the Mister is wicked smaht. Looks great!


Good call by the Mister!

Lee Ann

What Juno said.

Total mitten lust.


Yepper, the mister is too smart (possibly for his own good), but as long as he uses his powers for good and not evil, it's alright. ;-) j/k Love that cable and it does look perfect on a mitten.

I was not aware that Ella Rae Classic Wool was the same as C220.


Wow. Great catch that mister is! And yeah. What Juno said. :)


Perfect cable mittens! What a smart mister!


Lurrve the cable, but I must have missed the first go-round - where did you find it? Do I have to reverse engineer it from your picture? Not that I'm incapable, mind you, just lazy...


wow. look familiar?


Hubby is correct...that would make the most beautiful mitten! I just lurrve that pattern :)


Very cool cable pattern. More organic looking than most.

Never heard of Ella Rae...must not carry it 'round here.


I love mittens too - quicker than socks and no turning of heels - and just big enough to show a pattern without getting bored, oh yeah mittens rock. Yours are so pretty - both sets are so cute

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Cool, cool, COOL cable! (And since I'm deeply mired in the Dickinson pullover, aka Death by Cables, you know it must really be cool to catch my attention.)


Why is it that the Mr doesn't knit? He seems to have an amazing sense of things. (I'm joking, of course, he's good at plenty of other stuff and should leave the wool to you.)

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