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That's so funny, I was absorbing the picture and thinking "Nice Morris wallpaper," just as I was reading that it wasn't Morris.


That's cool. It is nice wall paper!

The Feminist Mafia

It scares me just a little that people know the names of wallpaper designers.


Beautiful staircase. Do you live in an old victorian? My dream house is a big old farm or victorian with all the beautiful wood work and a beautiful staircase.


That's *your* staircase?! The rest of your house must be stunning!

Abby Franquemont

I was just gonna hedge and say "Arts & Crafts." I'm a total sucker for that movement.

Also, I *really* hate you for having a house you could have fashion shoots in. I mean, you probably could in mine... if someone else cleaned it.


Because I read often and post rarely, the first thing I thought of when I saw your staircase was the infamous DPN injury you had awhile back. Staircases (not to be confused with just the simple 'stairs'- we have stairs, you have a staircase) frighten me a bit as I'm not exactly, well, coordinated.
The top is quite lovely. I love the TT silk, and that color is stunning.

JoAnne Rodriguez

I'd have guessed Morris too but don't know much about him and remember his prints being a bit - larger? More dramatic? That is lovely. The photograph of your home looks a bit more blue-greeny than the pictures on the link...I like the way it looks in your house the best, of course! And then I think...I love that print and if I saw it on the website only I'd never have considered it. This is why my (much smaller) home is so undecorated. Sigh.


Nice stuff in the Burrows link. (And lovely staircase, too, of course.)


The wallpaper is beautiful and your friend designed a very lovely top for TT.


I want to knit that wallpaper!


Some photos of my linen covered mannequin look like the there is pooling but there isn't IRL, not sure if it's something with digital cameras.

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