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All that and he buys/plays with wheels too?



Well he is definitely a keeper now. ;)

Hope that the 2nd sleeve goes better for you.

Divine Bird Jenny

wow. In my house, I'm the woodworker, so sadly my husband wouldn't have done much more than offer to pay. ;)


Well done, missus!

Lori Bollinger

Hi, What flea market did he find the wheel at? I am in your area, (I live in Braintree) and I want to start spinning but can't yet afford a wheel. I would love to be able to find one at a flea market! Thanks, Lori

Ravelry ID: socks1956


Boys and wheels must be a theme! There was a husband of a knitter in my beginning spinning class at SAFF and my husband spent the entirety of our time at SAFF "researching" wheels and carders and came up with very strong opinions of the wheels that were offered!


ooo, I love your Arwen! what yarn are you using?? I am knitting away on the back of mine. Miles of endless relaxing! I can't wait to start on the sides though.

Your hubby is right cool to lug home that wheel. I wish you all lived closer! :)




How much are you wanting to pass the wheel along? I'm a new spinner. . .

Mary K. IN Rockport

That's really sweet. I can see I'd better stay away from that antiques farm - we can't foster care for any more stuff!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

Great guy!


What a lovely little wheel! Wish I could get my hubby to tinker with them, but he prefers to dabble with computers. He had a good laugh today coming downstairs to see the kids each at a computer and me in the middle of the room between them spinning.


it is only a matter of time before they start dabbling in wool-related tinkering.
good luck on that wrist graft!

sara l

pssst! I'm sending a spray your way..


As, that's so sweet. What a cute little wheel!


Fun! Getting it, then fixing it. Perfect.


Yup, he's a keeper. :)


Your cuff looks great. I can't wait to see the whole sweater.


Is your husband available for training courses? Mine's still new enough that I might be able to gently nudge him in the right direction... :)

Linda D

That man really knows how to shop a flea market. He has *the* best luck I've ever seen.

Handsome... good shopper... handy...

bah. Of course he'd be married already. ;-)


OMG...send him to me along with a wheel!!!


The internet wants to marry him. Just though he should know.


He is really something else. That's really kind of him to consider buying an amateur wheel and fixing it up.


Yep. He's a keeper.


Wow! I'm impressed with your choice in husbands. Now give us tips on how to find the yarn and fibre trainable ones! :)

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