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Those snails are awesome. Count me in for getting on the mitten bandwagon.


Boss Lady (a.k.a. my director at work), suitably impressed by the bed socks that I knit at her request last year, is now demanding mittens for this year's Festivus season. Happy to oblige. Lots less stitches than socks :)


Boss Lady (a.k.a. my director at work), suitably impressed by the bed socks that I knit at her request last year, is now demanding mittens for this year's Festivus season. Happy to oblige. Lots less stitches than socks :)


I'm already's one of the few things I knit that my older girl is excited to wear. I just finished the first mitten of Selbuvotter NHM #2 (Terri Shea). Fun knitting, I tell you.


Ha, I clicked over from iGoogle because I saw that favorite word "mittens" only to find you are talking about me.

I need to make myself a pair of the snails, and another pair of The Squirrelly Swedish Mittens.

The BeadKnitter

You have a point. Hmmm...mittens....

You know, I started a pair for my Mom when I was in college (30 years ago--how's that for an UFO) that I never finished. Maybe I should finish them.


Is it just my obsession or does it seem like finger-less gloves are the new socks? If that is the case, then will mittens be the new finger-less gloves?


Hey, are you calling me date-deprived!?! So what if I spend every Friday night at a spinning group?


You know, I was just thinking of mittens on my drive in to work today. Rather, I was thinking of some batts that I bought together in different colors and what I should do with them -- Fair Isle mittens is what I came up with. So, great to read this!


Already there, chickie, at least as time permits these days. You may want to get in on Gina's contest ( "Month of Mittems." If you knitting them anyway, why not go for some free yarn?? Still trying to figure out if fingerless mitts qualify, as I have a number of requests for those for Xmas.


I'm a huge fan of mittens - In addition to the visibility points you made, they can be made beautiful in so many different ways. I think I'm going to blog about my "magnificent Mitten" binge of a few years back in the near future.

It's mitten time!


You make an excellent point about visibility. I really need to get over my fear of two colored mittens~

Jen in CT

Sounds like a mitten-along. I'll sign up for that. :-)


Hell yeah! Although I have to rip out my current pair because even though I swatched and measured, they're coming out too big. Boo. Hiss. However, mitten Mk. II will be both smaller AND have more latvian braids on it, because braids are damn cool. (I've got a mental image of a zombie knitter saying "braids....braids!" as she shuffles along. It's been a long week, what can I say?)

Mittens were also one of the first projects that elicited a "wow, that's really cool!" response from my non-knitting husband.


Where mittens are cute and all I can't stand to wear them. :( I have to have my fingers free. Would hand knit gloves work instead? I also have a fair isle hat that I wear. ;)


So I'm going through my bloglines more or less at random, and yours is the third, no, fourth, blog in a row that mentions mittens. So all right, I'll knit some. But there are such things as mass-produced knitted mittens, so I'll have to figure a way to make them scream HANDKNIT. I also promise to work on them in public.

Mary K. IN Rockport

Right on, Sister. And that Cat Bordhi sock book is amazing.


Ah, cozy, so cute, so easy! A good mindless mitten pattern can be as effective as a month of therapy. Gloves too. Each finger is an accomplishment. More fun than socks in my book.

Beth S.

Thank you for reminding me about the Anemoi pattern! I was obsessed with it right around the time it came out, and I bought fabulous yarn for it (red and brown) which would match my jacket beautifully... and then something shiny came along and I forgot all about them.

I'm so excited about your imminent mitten frenzy. The last time this happened, I think you went Latvian on us (or was it Estonian?...) and it was just marvelous to follow along.


All hail the marvelous mitten!

I'm right there with you. On the needles right now are EZ Norwegian mittens, Newfoundland mitts, and plain jane stockinette mitten.

Linda D

huh. mittens.

You know, I think you're on to something there. I have had a long-standing long-distance love affair with Eunny's Anemoi mittens. And I just finished bitching about how I have nothing inspiring me and very little on the needles...

...mittens... hmmmmm....


I might have to cast on for the endpaper mitts. I saw a beautiful version in apricot and brown and it made me lust after them! Hmm, I do see your point about socks. They are stuffed into boots and shoes and not necessarily seen as often.


so I guess I should oblige the request of 6+2 pairs of fingerless mittens my children are pressuring me to knit for their friends....
you are right though, mittens are way more visible. also, to me, way more pleasurable to knit then socks. but 8 pairs? in such exciting colors as red, blue and yellow? not that inspired... yet


You know, you're so RIGHT ON here! No one hardly ever says anything about my socks but the other evening my squirrel and oak (Adrian's pattern, too) got raves.
Loooovin' those snails, too. And Elliphantom's herringbones jer Swedish squirrel ones, and I'm thinking about some big, thick, colorful felted ones and... Yes, I think it just might be the year of the mittens.


Mittens from Selbucotter are being cast on this weekend. And as far as the Hand knit socks go, you're right, the Muggles don't get it. But Husband was wearing some during a business meeting once, and they wre noticed by another GUY! (Whose wife knits him socks). In the middle of the meeting, these two guys have a conversation about hand knit socks ("Have she tried Socks that Rock? You've got to get her on that! See these? They have CRAB SHELLS in them...")

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