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sara l

Have a happy holiday! Glad to see the computer is back... I'll see you next (!!) year!
;) Sara

Caroline M

I'm glad to see that you are all wired up again, just in time for you to have no time at all to do the little nothings such as item 3 and anything at all to do with computers.

I went to college with one of the Top Gear trio (the one on the right) so that's my ghastly age out of the bag.


Back, in fine fettle.


Season's Greetings !

The Sony Bravia is, indeed, a fab t.v. ! The ads are pretty fab too.
Top Gear. So non PC, so strangely watchable.


Welcome back :) Enjoy the season.


Hi, this is my first time visiting your blog and I've really enjoyed the photos. That is a nice ad for Sony (Apple has really raised the bar haven't they? Its nice to see other companies making an equal effort again.) Sony is known for their monitors and tv's, probably the best you can buy on the market. I am looking forward to coming back for visits.


I love that comercial. :)


I love Top Gear and BBC America. I like to watch their news, you get a world view of what's happening in America. I will definitely ask for Jennie the Potter on my birthday. Have a great holiday!

The Feminist Mafia

oh, that commercial -is- good! and isn't that last scene, with the big red rabbit, filmed at the wall street intersection with the giant anatomically correct (and also enhanced, i think) bull sculpture? wouldn't that be an interesting and subtle bit of irony?


Congratulations on getting your computer back!

I still have fond memories of the time when the Top Gear lads sicced the racing arm of Lotus (I think) onto some gent's beloved yet inately crappy Lada and transformed it into a thing of beauty with amazing handling and ridiculous horsepower.

(Love the Bravia ads. While I like the rabbits, I may like the choreographed paint ad slightly better.)

Alisha Irish

Yay for computer! Also, yay for having Top Gear as one of the top things that make you smile! It's our weekly highlight, watching those three lads doing idiot stuff. :) You really have to love them for being able to enjoy their job so very much.


I hate to spoil the solstice cheer, but you should be loving the artists that Sony's advertising people ripped off, instead —


I am honored to be included in a list with the Decemberists and KNIT stamps - two of my favorite things as well. Thanks :)

Hope you had a lovely holiday~


This goes hand-in-hand with my favorite car commercial:

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