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Whew, it's pretty bad when the yarn starts escaping from the car! Glad you got it all cleaned up, so your car isn't leaking yarn anymore! That pic was hilarious. Happy Holidays!


How wonderful it would be if our cars could do this! Did you find any wonderful hidden treats? I am thinking my kids would love a Webs field trip while off of school next week-right?

Have a wonderful holiday. I really enjoy your blog.


I love this story :) Thanks for sharing!


It's the Yarn Bunny or the Yarn Fairie or sumpin'.

Caroline M

I had a boot full of sacks of alpaca for a few weeks, the plan was to bring it in as I needed to wash it and then take it to my mother's and card it. The plan was derailed by a family holiday - my husband went to pack the boot only to find that he had to unpack it first.


I'm going to follow you home some day. I need enough wool for a sweater. My car isn't cooperating.


Too funny!

Merry Christmas!

Jen in CT

You know it's bad when you can't even get in the car and drive AWAY from your stash. LOL!


LOL - it's Christmas, not Easter, you know!
(BTW, did you want to fuzz out your license plate number? There are a lot of freaks out there. You know, besides me.)


What I wanna know is who's your car been hanging out with that it now lays yarn eggs? Pretty kinky!


Thats too funny, I'll take mohair over airbags any day!

Suzanne V. (Yarnhog)

So funny! I wish my car would lay yarn eggs.


What a wonderful story. Good reason to have an SUV. I once worked at a fabric store and we would ask if the customers wanted a store shopping bag or a brown paper bag from the supermarket to hold their purchases. We had and used a goodly stash of the supermarket style - recycling before our time. Have a great holiday.


So THAT's how it happens. (I can so hear the Mister dropping that egg comment in his dry, off-hand manner.) Yarn eggs.


This whole post cracks me up. Mostly because I nearly lost a giant cake of alpaca on the way back from my getaway. Luckily, I saw it bouncing along in the rearview mirror before I got too far.


I guess that is the first clue that something needed to be done. LOL


I've been sick, so I'm coming in late on this; but this post was laugh out loud funny. I find it funny because you can't see the back seat of my car, thanks to the bags of current knitting, that heaven forbid I can't be without somewhere. Add to that the new stuff from the LYS that I just couldn't resist, and my backseat just seems to constantly be full. So I could really relate to this. Escaping yarn. ROFL.

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