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Move that Mister over. Priorities, dear.

Knitting Analyst

I'm very excited to hear that a pattern for the Twining Root mittens is still on your mind, because I have been dreaming of knitting them ever since I saw them on your blog! (No pressure or anything, I can be patient.) ;)


I'm sorry, did you say cashmere for the FIRST time?


Mmmmmm cashmere. Hope the computer gets fixed for you soon.

julia fc

yes, cashmere for the first time. I have one small pet skein that was a gift, and a box of the stuff from my School Products harvest in the spring with Cassie, but never have I knit with it.

double pinky swear.


I've never knit with or spun cashmere before either. You'll have to let me know how truly wonderful it is.


Hey, we have a whole buncha' Jade Sapphire cashmere coming in January, ain't it grand? yummy. xxoo


Dude. What Juno said.


You have not yet knit the cashmere? oh, honey ... I extend my heartfelt sympathy. Now, get on with it.


Ooh, cashmere, haven't yet knit with it myself. Sorry about the computer issues. Hope you get them resolved soon!


Yea for cashmere! Good luck with the computer problems.


I also have not yet knit with the cashmere...but I did knit the Mr. Greenjeans sweater in Dream in Color Classy in Chinatown red and I think that that is going to become one of my favorite sweaters. Until I knit a fair isle sweater. I just knit my first fair isle hat, and am knitting the Ivy League Vest and I just stopped myself from buying all the colors of the harrisville shetland from Webs until I find/make up a sweater pattern in fair isle. I also just bought some cascade 220 to knit the bird in hand mittens...I may join your kal on ravelry! So much yarn, so much to knit, so little time!


You speak of cashmere, yet claim inability to post pix? Floozy. (I'd say harlot, but it's already taken.)

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