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Country Mouse

That is possibly the sweetest Christmas present I've heard of this year.


Wow, that sounds so nice and warm and relaxing, a perfect little place for a tea party, all dressed up and nowhere to go but home sweet home! Big cyber hugs to the Mister for warming your heart and passing along the love to cyberland knitters everywhere!


Thats a darn pretty mitten. We already know about the wonderfulness that is the Mister.



That is stunningly wonderful. (My husband is the type to hold up a box of wool and say, "Can you do something with this? I need some space for my new (fill in the motorcycle engine part here)?"


that's the best gift a husband can give...listening. congrats!


oh that IS the best present ever! can you have the mister call david to talk about what SHOULD be our dining room, but now houses HIS boxes and styrofoam peanuts? his excuse is that it needs to be gutted anyway, but still . . . a firetrap is a firetrap.


Nice Mister!

About the images, go to . Tiny little graphics program, free, fast, multi-talented. I use mine daily. Photoshop? Maybe once a month.


Aw, what a nice gift!! It looks like the perfect place for knitting, spinning, tea, and company.


What a marvellous gift ! It will be a haven.
The mitten is gorgeous.


What a great gift (the mitten is pretty, too).

Beth S.

I'm so happy for you. :-) It's the perfect spinning spot! But does this mean that the boxes have migrated to your living room? ;-)

And I can't wait to see the Watson, when it is ready to make its debut. I hope it won't be too long...


That's a beautiful gift from the Mister! Glad it was a Merry Christmas!


Wow! That is so cool.

About the photos, I find that Typepad automatically resizes mine even if I forget. It takes ages to upload the biggies, but it does happen.


Sounds like the best present of all!! Mister is a keeper!


Lovely mitten, and pretty good mister too! You obviously got The Good One. The rest of us have to squabble (or not) over the leftovers.


What a great gift! Mitten is looking good too.

Tameson O'Brien

Indigo???? When you get ready to dye with it can I come by and apprentice? I got some dyeing books for christmas and I would LOVE to learn hands on.


That is a fabulous present. Bravo the Mister!


Oh how wonderful!!!! I think we all need sunrooms in the winter.



What a wonderful present. I would love to have a sun room. I am hoping that one day we will be able to add one on to the house.


Oh, how beautiful. I know just how you feel about your sunroom. Enjoy!!


Uh-oh. I meant to ask about the "something" over the door. It looks like it might be something retractable? An awning or little roof-type thing? I've a frightful and dangerous snowy-ice mess happening on my back porch steps and it looks like you might have experience with such things. Maybe?


The gift of light through winter, of a cosy space to practice your favorite activities, has to be one of the best possible gifts. Don't question the logistics.


Aww, you lucky lady. You got a room of your own!


Awww, that's sweet:) Isn't it nice when hubby's listen?

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