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Okay, I kind of agree about the handles, but that doesn't change the fact that the bag looks fabulous!

Slip Slip

Beautiful Bag!!!!!! before you go poaching, although it may be lots of fun, you should check out the fabulous leather handles at Yarns In The Farms! They are from Muench Yarns and are in glorious colors and several lengths. Stop on your way to Salvation Army for a peek.


The bag looks lovely, I agree on the handles though, it needs something solid and rounded to reflect the shape of the wedges! :)


Fun fabric for the lining it looks great! Good luck with the poaching.


Yeah, the handles aren't quite perfect. Good enough, but not fabulous. Good luck finding something you like better. If nothing moves you at SA, you might ask your local cobbler if he can cut you some custom leather ones.

Teresa C

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for handles. Then you'll have to knit another bag to use those. :)


Nice! I just bought the crochet version of the pattern and I had already decided I would get some leather handles for it.

Beth S.

This one is well named. It really does look exactly like stained glass!

It's wonderful that you're 2 for 2 on Mission Possible already and it's only the first week of Feb! Keep it up and you'll be done with time to spare.


Really attractive bag. Hope you find handles you want.


It is magnif, but I agree, the handles lack "umph"


All the pain was worth it! That bag is beautiful! And lining choice was perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


Your bag is beautiful! Love the kaffe fabric too! Sometimes those little details can really make or break the project, I say.

Jen da purse Ho

ahaha i felt the same way about the handles. I bought some very lovely leather handles for my bag and ppl LOVE IT! :)

i still haven't lined the same thing. oops.


I have to say, I would get different handles too. The bag is just too fabulous to have lackluster handles.


I rather like the handles. (I may have low standards though.)

Paula D.

What a gorgeous bag! And I agree on the handles. Isn't it amazing what we find for blocking?


I really love the lining fabric - it goes so well with the outside. Sometimes I think it's a shame that the linings aren't seen more!


My friend Kathleen brought her Stained Glass Bag to knitting today with just the same problem ... the handles are underscaled and wimpy compared with the bag.

I like your idea of harvesting handles from something vintage.




Well, that is just amazing. Gorgeous, gorgeous bag – I'm stunned that you didn't have any exclamation marks in this post, I would have had many. Truly beautiful work.

Also, thank you so much for the "make my day" nomination! :-)


Your bag is beautiful -- I love the lining fabric! I used something similar in my Bobble bag.

As for the underwhelming handles -- the focus is the bag, so plain is good - but maybe something thicker, or shorter?


Wow, your bag looks amazing.


Very nice job on the bag! On a previous post note....I received my issue of Interweave today, read your piece and have put those flicks in my Netflix queue. I'll definitely be more observant about movie knitwear from now on. Thanks for a humorous lift to my day!


The bag is gorgeous. It says to me "braided I-cord handles." Since I'm not volunteering to knit them, you may consider this (further?) evidence of my delusional condition if you wish.

My IK came today. So far all I've read is your article. Very nice! Even though it was nothing fancy, I did like the hat in "Stepmom."


That's a gorgeous bag!!!! WOW!

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