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Ah. Arrrrgyls. Freaking awesome.


Arrrrrgyles! Love them and must try starting these. Again.


They look great--worth the wait!

Rachel H

The motion shot cracks me up. Love 'em.


Awesome aaaaarhgyles! And I finally read the Interweave Knits article, there are some movies I need to add to my list-nice article.


Skulls. Pink. Orange. Black. What's not to love?! Absolutely nothing...your Aaaargyles RULE!

P.S. Stupid space/time continuum, messing with ya.
P.P.S. Am I the only person in the whole world who hasn't received their spring IK yet? Where's my blankety-blank issue? I'm anxious to read your piece. Congrats again on publication!


Nice! Congrats on getting them done. They still look fab!


You made me laugh out loud. I love your arrrrghyles.

The BeadKnitter

Too cute! My daughter would love these.


Wonderful socks! As piratey as one could want ;-)

And I have to admit, I like knowing someone else has projects that balance the "wendy" factor in the universe.


You would think that after all this time those might lose their charm.



Very cool no matter how long it took to put them on your feet and into the FO category!


Ahoy, matey! Them be arrrrrrrrrrsome socks.


Yay for finishing them. They look great. You almost make me want to knit them. Almost, almost! hehehe.

Lee Ann

Gorgeous. We're trying to warp space-time here, too, to no avail. Wendy needs to work faster.


Great! (Thought they were done, what WAS I thinking?)


Arrgh! Thems some good socks there, matey!


Very Aaarghtistic!

You know, those are cool enough that they tempt me to try intarsia. (Holy alliteration, batman.)


Arrrrgggggyle, Awesome! Have you shown those to the Yarn Pirate?


Great socks!

I missed that you have an essay in IK. Having been published once in a magazine for big $$$, I can say it was a huge thrill. I'll have to go read your piece now.


Very cool, matey! Aye, ye have inspired me to fish mine out of Davy Jone's locker 'n hoist their sad bones back onto th' needles.

Arrrrgh. Damn ye.


Your socks are beauty! I'd say that I would follow your lead and knit some myself, but considering that I have had a bunch of Cascade black yarn waiting to be knit into your pirate hat for nearly a year, I'd better finish one project before I start another. I have one nephew who's still young enough to want to be a pirate, but I'm running out of time!


Verrry nice! That's three of the twelve completed, yes? And not even to the end of month 2? Nice work!


ooh i love them. And better late than nevarrrrr!

Beth S.

It's looking like it's going to be a very good year for you, knit-wise. ;-)

Congratulations on finishing, at long last! They are so cute on your feet. :-)

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