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Uh oh. Sorry to hear about the, uh, difficulties at school.

Crayons sound nice. Soothing and nice. Like stockinette feet/toes on Arrrgyles.

P.S. "Nappy hedgehog" makes me giggle.


It sounds like you've earned some time with the Gretel hat. I bet it wouldn't even take you that long!!


Trust me, you wouldn't enjoy prison.


Best of luck with everything!


It must be the time of the year. My kindergartener has ended several school days recently on "yellow" because of some impulse control issues. Are the children acting out more, or are the teachers experiencing a bit of "spring fever?" Good luck. This too shall pass, but now would be nice.


Fingers crossed for impulse control (as I step away from the keyboard to unpeel my kids from one another).

Mary E.Dadds

Oh my ,I always say i dont envy ,nor do i miss those days.
School Days for my children,that is .
The phone rang every day,And My middle son was always in trouble.
He grew up ,Hes 31 now,Still has his own view on lots of things,but hes great.
Oh,Im starting to do better with those mittens,but still like to know what you see.


I'm sorry to hear ds is having issues with school. I think those argyles will soon be flying off the needles.


I've been fretting a bit about my boy, and having a host og meeting with the teacher and e-mails and notes passed. (I was thanked for my "unending support" -- still trying to read into that one...). Hang in there.
LOVE the socks!

Beth S.

I got my IK with your column in it! Hooray! Well done. :-)

You know, I've been fantasizing about argyles lately. I have been noticing argyle patterns everywhere I go--on co-workers, on TV, on people I pass in the street. Pink and green, chocolate brown and robin's-egg blue. I think it may be A Sign that it is time to cast on.

And I am sure there is a reason why you specifically mentioned arson, but I'm not sure I want to know the specifics. Eek!


Ah man. You do have my number, right? And you know you can call me, right? Just checking.

I'm glad the self-medicating with wool is proceeding apace. Don't forget the chocolate. Let me know if you need to move on up to cashmere...


When I was in 1st grade and, like most kids that age, missing a few teeth, I happened to fall while climbing the monkey bars at recess one day. The school secretary called my mom and asked, "Mrs. Gill? How many teeth did your daughter have this morning?"

My mom might have freaked out a little.

Lisa C.

Wow, I remember those phone calls. I spent a night on the phone with a friend crying because I thought my, then, 2nd grader was Jeffrey Dalmer waiting to happen (I was panicking just a bit). So worried was I, that I found a therapist, who spent one session with DS1, before suggesting he be tested as a possible gifted child. He was found to be a very bored, very smart, little boy. He is currently a very well adjusted 15yo who is taking his high school AP courses and preparing for college. May you have as good luck with your hellion as I had with mine.

Lisa C

I forgot to mention in my last comment, DD1's behavioral issues were due in part to boredom but in larger part to bullying. Once he was challenged and protected, the behavioral stuff stopped. (((HUGS)))

Tameson O'Brien

I think it's something in the air - or maybe children all over New England have massive spring fever, but I handed out a record number of write ups on my elementary bus routes this week. I litterally had kids launching themselves over seats and fisticuffs. I feel your pain. Just remember - this too shall pass. BTW the colors on your nappy hedgehog are gorgeous.


It's good to see that others have at one time thought their children were destined to be confined to a very small space. I am currently battling with my 4-almost-5 y.o. daughter about stealing things from other kids backpacks. The comments here give me some hope!

Mary K. IN Rockport

One's children can deliver any number of nasty shocks over the years giving their parents heart palpitations. February is a terrible month. But congrats on your article in IK - I enjoyed it very much.


That's the most colorful hedgehog I've ever seen.

There are days when I remember how carefully I cosseted my children, walking the fine line between keeping them warm and putting them at risk for SIDS, holding hands while crossing even the least traveled road, never letting them out of my sight for an instant at McDonald's (ok, except when they were in the kid habitrail: what goes up must come down), and I ask myself: why?


It is not simply in New England. My DS came back from three days at Outdoor school, according to the principal he was great when they were occupied, then the last day, when someone was tap dancing on his last nerve he 'threatened' said child with a plastic baseball bat. The child that was threatened is one of those kids, when you walk away, the kid follows even closer. And, I have the meeting with the principal coming up. It is all fine well and good for kids to practice the behaviors of walking away, finding their own space, controlling their impulses, but when the person causing the impulse to choke follows, I understand the issue with impulse control.


Oh dear. Impulse control. Sounds like a serious parenting challenge. Good luck!
And those conversations... I have those conversations all the time. Particularly when I'm stressed. I hope the knitting (and spinning) help!

denny mcmillan

I to have been getting calls about my boy. Moving of class rooms,new teachers. He is now getting the idea that he is not "getting" some stuff. It starts to bum him out.Me too. One thing we have done in the past few years is take him to dance and movement class. It helps during these cold months to get him moving. But still the phone rings and there is more effing home work. thank goodness for the spinning eh? love your dennyx0x0x

Kathode Ray Tube

These comments about others' kids are comforting. My DS #2 (5 years old) is acting up at home big time and at school (preschool). I am concerned for the big change he is in for come kindergarten this fall. He just gave his preschool teacher a list of things he doesn't like, including school, getting up in the morning, getting dressed and when Mommy and Daddy "don't let me go on the computer". God grant me patience.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the article in IK! My Tivo runneth over! Hang in there with your son.


Winter is hard....not enough playing outside time, and WAY too much computer/tv/videogame time. I've had to pull my kids off of most screens, it's AMAZING how much havoc watching the little lights wreaks in the kids' brains (I KNOW it causes trouble for kids with ADHD, but it seems to affect most of the kids I know, even the ones who don't have it.)

Gotta get my son to practice piano as soon as he is done with valentines, it helps with behaviour, too (weird, huh? But it's hard to get him to _start_ practicing, then I have to bug him to _stop_!).


Um... Why add more twist to singles if you are making a 3-ply? Generally, the more plies in a yarn, the less twist each single needs to have b/c you are inserting less plying twist and therefore undoing less singles twist. Or are you going for a really hard yarn because it's for socks?

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