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Can I send you all my spiders? I'm not a fan!


Good to know! I guess I won't renew my contract with the exterminator this year! The yarn looks great btw!


She's lovely!


You can easily add more ply to your sock yarn. Just run it through the wheel again. :>)


I'm glad you saw her before you reached in and TOUCHED her. Ugh.

Caroline M

Does it stripe? You could make it into a cabled yarn. It's going to be too thick for socks but if you're looking at a knit it and use it up exercise anyway then it will knit up faster. It looks good with one striping and one plain starter yarn because you get a subtle colour change in the final yarn. (This is not a starter really unless you have another skein somewhere that failed the grade)


Spiders are good. Spiders eat bugs. :) The spiders and I have an agreement: They stay above the 6' mark and I leave them alone; if the get lower than that I am not responsible for the actions of my DP or my cat.


Itty bitty moth munching spiders are a-ok in my book. But, uh, you don't want to know my first thought. I love spiders, but it was kinda horror movie-ish.

Beth S.



Once in 5th grade I found a daddy longlegs on the playground and picked it up to show a classmate. She made the same noise as Beth. I wasn't trying to scare her, really, I thought arachnids were cool and thought she'd agree. I say let spiders be your wool patrol. (I will admit that I admire but prefer not to handle the spiders that hang from the eaves of the place we rent in August; they're at least an inch across.)

Your yarn is beautiful. It looks like some of it barber-poles* and some doesn't, like the 2-ply spunky I'm just finishing up.

*I have been known to complain mightily about the verbing of nouns. I guess I'll have to stop.


I am not a fan of spiders, moth-eating or otherwise.

As Marcy says, you could just have yarn. Or mittlets. Or a scarflet. Or a stripe in a sweater.


Spiders are good like that. As long as I'm not overrun with 'em, I usually ignore them.


Yay spiders! I'm a true fan of our 8 legged housemates--they do us many favors.


That picture has given me a first-class case of the willies...


I found an itty bitty spider in my coffee maker this morning. ??? Not from lack of use, I'll tell you that! Yeah, she had to go. But they are allowed free reign in the studio. Besides, we are kindred spirits, nature's spinners and mere immitators.

The Feminist Mafia

I may project a tough girl image, but get me within 15 feet of a spider and I turn into a weepy mess. It's ugly. You don't want to see it. In fact, that photo is giving me heart palpitations. Later ... eeeek!


This is a Wolf spider. They do not spin regular spider webs, they hunt their pray. They do however make/find burrows and line them with spider silk. You might want to check for egg sacks.
Happy knitting


You are a braver woman that I. I would have been screaming. I would be picking up my skeins with a bbq tongs to shake out

My Motto:
"The only good spider, is a dead spider"


I always figure that if the spiders must be eating something, and I'd rather have the spiders than the something. I like Tanya's 6 foot rule.


Pretty yarn!

Personally I love spiders. I don't mind bugs in general except when they jump on me unannounced or bite me.


That's a nice sharp picture of the spider -- compliments on the photography!

Julia Ergane

It seems that Athena is looking after your stash. It has taken me long time to get over most of my cold sweat fear of spiders. I just remind myself that when I see one of these guys that Athena is near.

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