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Very Nice! I need a kit like that....I am always asking to borrow this or that. I carry a pocket knife, not just for cutting yarn but it comes in handy for that as well!


You're good. I have an Italian cookie tin, and it ain't small. Plus it's full of crap with no actual knitting purpose in addition to the scissors, measuring tape, markers and cable needles. Like a Polly Pocket. And the new lithium battery for my car door opener.

Hmm. maybe it's time to clear this puppy out?


I desperately need to gather all the gadgets I have and get them organized. They are in a variety of bags and little boxes all over the house. I have a tool similar to the Handi Tool. It's called a "dentist tool", with a tiny crochet hook at one end, and a little bent tip at the other. It is the most useful thing for rescuing wayward stitches and picking knots out of yarn. I think I got it at Patternworks.

Tameson O'Brien

Alas, all my altoid tin contains is TUMS.


My container is a Vera Bradley zippered make-up bag- packed full of my necessary items. I also have my ESK separately in my knitting bag too. I do like the size of yours and being able to see what you have in there without opening it up.


Wonderful kit.

I never would have thought to use a bread tie that way. Learn something new every day.


It's odd, but the one item I am most consistent with is my chapstick. Must have it.


the bread tie is genius!


ooo! ooo! All you need to add is a little pencil to go with those postit notes (or better is one of those 5" long mechanical pencils). I can't be the only one who can find paper but no writing implement!

Mary K. in Rockport

A bread bag clamper - genius! My container is a ziplock bag, admittedly not the best idea since the poky things are always poking through.

Joan Woods

Genius on many levels. I'm inspired.


Thank you! I too had not thought of the bread tie. It's always fun to see how another knitter organized. I seem to be always upgrading mine. My chapstick is homemade (rose petal essential oil this time - I foisted them on my entire knitting group and we smell gooooood and our lips are so soft). I can see it's time for another reorg based on yours.

So, how do you carry your pattern(s)?


Add a small emory board, piece of wax paper, some coiless safety pins, a hair elastic & a stick of solid hand lotion and you have the contents of my knit kit.


Cool! Thanks for sharing. You can sometimes pick up great little zippered make up bags at the dollar store. The one I use is mesh and see through. I also have some disposable hand wipes in mine.

Mary Jane

Ok, I'm posting mine too! But just so you know, the picture was before I got the Swell Purple Twist Collective Tape Measure.

hair clips

I didn't expect that post it, bread tie and hair claws will be in the knitting kit. Genius!

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