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You have a gorgeous garden, Julia.


That is simply beautiful of epic proportions. It's like those gardens you see in those gardening magazines and think "Oh, nobody has any garden like that." But you do, and I'm very jealous.

Lynn in Tucson

SO lovely! The desert dwellers thank you.

Grace Clark

Your garden is amazing. I love looking at it. How long have you lived with this garden, which is a nice way of asking how many years did it take to look this way?


I have lived here for 18 years, but I would say the garden really took form after about 5 years. It's been maintenance since then, with the odd tweak here and there. The wisteria arrived already in bloom, which was an expensive shortcut. I know of wisteria vines that lived for 20 years before their first flower.


Oh, yes PLEASE. Lovely, lovely gardens. (Peonies are my favorite but everything looks stunning.)


Spectacular, Julia. This is one of those things I miss about living in a house. NYC apartments can be very nice, but a yard is something else altogether. Peonies, wisteria, roses, meandering paths - just, wow!

Susan Smith

Beautiful wisteria! Ours is leafing like crazy and climbing, but it has not yet bloomed. Peonies and poppies are wonderful this year. Ditto iris - we have old fashioned (bearded) iris as well as Siberian iris. Sweet William everywhere!


Wow, that is phenomenal. Yes, I DO care for a stroll!


Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing. Now I need to go "flower" my "weed bed". ha ha

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