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Yay, what a great pic of the dinosaur hat and kid! That hat is the coolest looking thing ever.

It was great that you got to hang with us Knitsmiths. I'm sorry I didn't ever get over to your end of the table to talk more with you yesterday. Those crochet ladies at the other end sucked me in to their crazy crochet world and then I got sucked into Kimberly's stories! Knitsmiths always ends too early. I hope you'll get to visit us again soon so we can chat more. :)


Oh, and as the keeper of, I declare that we are adopting you. I'll add you to our little "knitsmiths blog" list when I update tomorrow. Okay? :)


I love how the dinosaur hat turned out. That is quite an honor that he wore it to bed!


Hello again, Julia! I want to have a REDO at knitsmiths. You are a blogger!! Cool! and you live around here? that is what I want to REDO. I hope that you will come to knitsmiths again! I, too, am adding you to my knitsmith list!
Quiet bunch....hrmph! I never! haha


Ooooo....what a lucky boy! Ummmm, will Mom be sharing the recipe? I have a grandson who would love a "Dinosorn" hat. Great job!


Wow! My 3-year-old son is all about dinosaurs these days! I'd LOVE to make that for him. Will you be posting your pattern? Or selling it? Please let us know! Great blog, too.

Nancy in Livermore, CA


I'll be happy to post the hat, but let me figure out a better way to make one first. I have emailed a couple of friends with offers of prototypes, so I'll post the improved pattern in a couple of weeks.


Raucous?!? Kimberly is the Queen of Raucous! We were just being quiet out of respect for the new person at the table. Didn't want to scare you away, you see. :) Cute, cute hat! Did he wear it to bed?


Oh, steal away! And steal away back to Knitsmiths soon! I love that dino hat!


Will is cute cute cute in his dino hat! I'm glad he loves it, now he can eat all of his trains properly! Great meeting you, hope to see you again soon.

kelli ann

Holy moly!! what a great pattern! thanks so much for posting it for us... 'twill come back to you, i can feel it!!


looking for the star pattern from BLUE STAR RISING it states that it is from a PLYMOTH pattern.


looking for the star pattern from BLUE STAR RISING it states that it is from a PLYMOTH pattern.

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