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Hello! I am new to your blog, just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm sorry to hear that your Tuja isn't working out well, but you approach it with such a wonderful sense of humor. I am laughing silently in the office (thus with much shaking and quaking), and I am sure you will find a good solution! Maybe you can find someone for a swap?


Say it isn't so?!?! I can't believe that it really looks that bad on you. The sweater looks so great & you are so close to finishing it. Maybe it was a bad angle/lighting/moment that you tried it on....


You're a hoot! I like Annie's suggestions about angle/lighting/moment, because I went through the most incredible machinations you ever did see to get my photos today. And talk about sucking it in -- well, let's just say that after the photo shoot, I keeled over and turned blue. What looks like a smile there is really just a grimace. Damn that Tuja for making you feel that way.


I have had to give away a couple of sweaters in the last few years. Ugh! One just went to my sister (sans sleeves)who is half the size (she's a 6 and I'm a 12). She doesn't have time to do the sleeve so I may end up knitting them for her. It might not be too bad when it's done but, don't put in more time if you think it's totally wrong!


TUmuchemphasisonthebellyforJA? I like your belly bullseye. Intarsia? ;)


Hey I absolutely LOVE your felted giraffe!! That is so awesome! What pattern did you use, and where can I find it?? I have to knit this for my niece.
Thanks a bunch,
fellow knit girl
Vanessa :)


Come, come. You're much too tall to be a hippo. Maybe a giraffe...

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