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Thank you for posting your vest of shame. A while back I posted a pic of my first sweater in all its 80s oversized cotton peachiness. Felt good to fess up.


Oh good for Tuja. And that vest?! Very '80's. We all had something like that, surely!!


Kaffe would love it !
Actually,it doesn't look that bad from over here. ;-]


Yay, I'm so glad Tuja is being given a reprieve.

Lisa in Oregon

I took a class from someone who had hosted Kaffe and Brandon in her home for a quilting event. As a gift, they started a Persian Poppy wrap for her, then taught her how to do it and left it for her to finish. The class was awesome, in that it really opened my eyes to how terrified I was of failing. persian poppy project looked like crap. I hated it by the third row and it never got any better. What's Kaffe got that I don't? I don't know, but whatever it is, it is what makes the difference between his knitting and mine, and his color choices and mine.

Frankly, I'm glad you posted your vest just makes me feel like I'm not as hopeless as I sometimes feel...your knitting is lovely, maybe mine will be someday too!
;-p Lisa in Oregon


I still have a Quilttop of Shame that I pull out every once in a while. From its horrifyingly loud color scheme, I learned a most important lesson:

The eye needs a place to rest.

Thank you for sharing your vest. Wow. No restful spots there, either.

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