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Is it wrong to kill people for unintentionally destroying expensive needles? Or is there some sort of exception in the Massachusetts Penal code for this sort of thing?


Geesh. Even if a person "doesn't understand," how/why would they play with someone's TOOLS? Damn damn damn. But you made me laugh out loud with your question about Tuja making the ground look fat. You are CUCKOO!


Strangely,now that you mention it,the ground does look slightly bloated !
Dip your cord in very hot water for a while then,with a towel so as not to burn hand,smooth the cord into a more desirable/usable shape.


Tuja looks great! Give her a chance. Glad the needle was saved and is in good working order!


I admit it, I was looking for an excuse to NOT knit this because I had trouble almost from the start. First you told me that the crossing cables were kinda like the cross your heart bra - and you know what they look like. Then the Target thingy in the tummy area and that was it! I have ripped out the 16 rounds and am back to almost the beginning! and have decided to make it a lovely PLAIN sweatter. No cables. No giraffs or tigers. Just a yummy green sweatter. There!

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