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It's a KAL if it last for another year. I'm leaving the sleeves of Lotus until March. They should be ok for summer knitting.
I need your husband to visit and fix my spice cupboard! LOL


My cousin, a true artist in so many areas, just told me about "Poetry in Stitches." I doubt I'll ever knit anything from it, but have it I must. Erica's sweater is beyond beautiful!


That's a man after my own heart, I tell ya'. I don't make enough stock to freeze, usually, but you can bet your sweet bippy that my spices are well organized. ;)


You could just say you're investing in "spice futures". The last jar of cardamom that I bought was almost $10!! I treat it like gold.

Good luck w/ your sweater...the first few rows are always the worst when working tiny gauges.


From a foodie - I have the chicken broth answer for you. A drum roll please..... Better Than Bullion. It comes in a little round jar with a black label and it really and truly is. Now, it's 4.99 a jar, but worth every penny. But don't buy any flavor other than the chicken. And though I'm ashamed to admit it, I probably have close to 100 jars, tins, small bags and dried things on strings in my spice collection. Scarier still, they're all relatively fresh. It's an illness - I know.


I could trade some nutmeg for your extra cumin. I used to do mine alphabetically, and then I got too many spices.... or the wrong sized containers... and now I tend to do sweet in one section and savory/salty/spicy in the other. Not to mention the 3 kinds of Japanese dipping sauce.....
I cannot imagine LONG needles under size 5. Bless you and your eyesight. Or bi-focals.

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