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Wow, it's really gorgeous. I tried steeking 100% cotton. That didn't go so well. I think the sticky factor is very important.


Ooooo... I have been coveting that design and now that you're knitting it up... it's so gorgeous.


Go you on steeking! Ingeoborg is gorgeous, but isfjorden is slated mostly because the idea of steeking still eeks me out. Must be why they're steeks :-p

The braids aren't as hard as you might think. The IK Winter 03 has a pattern for a hat and mittens with a braid edge and super simple to follow instructions. Last night I started some mittens now from an old (1950's or 60's) Nomis book and put a couple of braids on the cuff. So far so good!


WOW! It looks beau-ti-ful!!


That's looking really gorgeous.Sissel tells me that the yarn softens a great deal once washed.She,expert Norwegian knitter that she is,always leaves these outrageously long floats ! The yarn does indeed take care of itself.
The Sqnquhar gloves would be fab in shetland wool.Want some ?


I just stare in awe. And while I'm not into wearing these patterned things at all, that hat that matches Ingeborg, well, now.....(course, never mind I don't wear hats either.....)...THAT is...well, you know.. an ACCESSORY - a small touch of the pattern without being overwhelming. I like!


I'm drooling. And, if you feel that you've screwed that one up at any point, I'll be happy to wear it ;>


Lovely, simply lovely.
It took me a really long time to believe in steeks, but it's sort of fun once you believe that nothing really bad is going to happen. (Whiskey is the answer for the first one)


Yep...what Steph said about whiskey. Once you've cut one you'll never worry again.
The sweater is such a beauty.

Christie're a looks fantastic.


Oh, wow, that's beautiful! Good for you.


When you're done, I would rename it the "exuberant revelation"--that's the description she gives to the inspirational painting on the inside of the trunk that she based the design on. I think it's quite a good name for it. It's looking beautiful and it will fly along once you get to the next section.

Still plodding away on the leaves--I'm almost to the top of the body, only 1 and 1/2 leaf motifs left.


Oh, Oh will you cut the steeks at the sew-up along?! That would be so cool!

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