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wow--I am so impressed with your stranding!! I am always amazed to see the pattern still visible from the back--it seems as if you absolutely wouldn't be able to discern it with all the floats. Bravo to your patience!

Nancy in Livermore, CA

Gotta love a sweater that looks as good from the back as the front! And another thing about those bags....they leave a funky white residue on everything that you store in them. And the clothes come out smelly. Yuck.


Quite a tease with the picture from the back of the PS sweater. It's gorgeous, and you're making quick progress (or so it seems to me).

Thanks for all the moth info (and digusting picture).


Great moth info...and the sweater is looking great from the back at least.


You might also be interested in - (nayy, but she's a friend) it's a local (Cambridge, MA) product, the ones I've tried work well.

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