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Oh, Fabu! I'm going to have to make some of these. There's still time before the July 1 deadline. I'm not tired of Dulaan knitting yet, and these little stash-busting projects are so good for my soul.

Lee Ann

Even if I don't manage to make these for Dulaan, I'm still going to try them for the kid. We, too, have a thumb problem. Actually, we have a whole hand problem. And it looks like this wide thumb will even go over a mitten liner--yay! Because in addition to the thumb problem, we have a forty-below-zero problem. Hence, we have mitten liners. Exponential increase in front hallway struggle and maternal distress. :-(


What a fabulous idea to center and embiggen the thumb opening! You are a genius. If you're not careful, you're going to design yourself into a second career.


Hey, I like your mittens! They're next in line for sure. Thanks!

Wool Winder

Thanks for the pattern! I can't wait to try it out for the Dulaan Project. I've knitted a few mittens already, but haven't hit on a real favorite. Maybe this is it.


You are SO clever - I am forwarding this to every frustrated toddler mittening mother I know! I'll see how many pair I can contribute to the project myself...


Nice pattern. Thanks for sharing. I have some single balls of worsted that will work great for these. I should be able to get a few pairs done before the Dulaan deadline.


thank you for sharing the pattern! I'm hoping to get as good at mitten as I am with hats, and this seems like a good place to start!

(I really hope you are at Circles eatting and knitting and listening to the Harlot - If so, I'll be checking back for your recount!)

Jeanne Whipple

Just found this great mitten pattern on your site. What a life saver. I work in a HeadStart program. Its always a fight to get mitten on when we go outside in the winter. These mitten will definitly be the mitten of the year here. Jeanne

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