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Great sweater! Congrats on the perfect design for him.


We have to wait until August!
The sweater is sooo cute! I bet it's going to be one of those sweaters he cherishes all his life.


Oh, that sweater is DARLING. Your little boy is too. He looks like you!


Oh, I just love that sweater!


The sweater looks awesome! and The Boy is darling!

Did you steek for the zipper?


He looks fantastic in his sweater - the significance to him is obvious.What a loving mama to make his favourite train livery into something for him to proudly wear.
I do hope you get to go to a BookBookBook signing.They look like a lot of fun.


Really super cute! Quick knit too, don't you love kid sized things? There's nothing better than a little guy that loves his sweaters (and his trains). Happy Knitting!

Helen in NH

And we missed you there sweetie. But there are two more solid chances to meet Harlot soon and she is a delight.



Julia.......that is a GREAT sweater!! What a talented lady you are!


Julia - the sweater is amazing, and it looks great on the Boy!


Wow - that sweater came out absolutely gorgeous! What a proud boy he must be! :)


The sweater looks great. I really want one.


We're big fans of trains too; I may have to make a G scale version for him (ha).


Fabulous job on that sweater! Ditto on that adorable child, too. :)


Excellent work. Abtraction, ha! You totally captured the essence of the train. I bet he's just thrilled with it and feeling all warm and loved.


Wow--and you thought it wasn't going to work out! It looks fabulous.
And I'm going to see the harlot when she's in Amherst--come along!

Teresa C

I am so impressed. My kids would wish for a mom that would design and knit dream sweaters for them. They are stuck with me though. I often wonder, when I am doing all of this for my grandbabies, will the daughters be jealous?


Wow, the daylight sweater is great. You really zoomed thru it. I will be glad to indulge the Boy if he wants to talk to me about it/trains. After all, I come from a long line of railroad men.

Nancy in Livermore, CA

OMG, Julia, it's fabulous! Naturally... That's one lucky boy you've got there. ;)


Beautiful job!! Nothing like a perfect little boy's sweater for a perfect little boy, right?? :)


What a darling and beautiful sweater Julia, you're such a good knitting Mom!
You son is adorable too and he looks just like you!


The Daylight sweater looks great - glad you held your nerve with it. Excellent design job, and a very cute and obviously appreciative model.


great sweater! and what a cute little boy :O)


Julia, that sweater is da bomb. How sweet for him to love it so much to tell the whole world that i's his favorite train!!

Lucky boy, lucky mom.


Hooray! It looks great. How did the collar/cuffs issues resolve themselves?

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