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I didn't sleep much Tuesday night after our debauch so I share your pain.


Sounds like a perfectly wonderful exchange. How romantic of your husband! So nice, and so thoughtful. Well done, husband! Well done!


Isn't it handy, that waking up thing? This happened to me on Thursday night but luckily I hadn't had too much (the heat expanded the alcohol to a pleasant drunkeness w/o overconsumption) and fell back asleep. But those other nights, I should learn to get up as you do instead of suffering in bed.

Anyway it sounds like a brilliant party! Good on your husband and the amateur wine collectors.


What a fun way to spend your anniversary! Very nice wines indeed!


Apple and pear ciders did me in last night--up until 4 AM, then unable to sleep in. Sorry you missed your fiber fix, but it sounds like a nice anniversary party!


I was wondering if wine people were really like that! I thought I was missing the point of just having nice wine.

Teresa C

Missed you! It was pretty fun though. Not as big as NH, but cute and I did manage to spend a little bit of money. Then I headed over to WEBS for a walk through, but on overload I headed home. Finally! the weather was perfect.


What a wonderful husband! That is such a great idea and I am happy you were able to use some of the wine stash for the big party!

I was up at Cummington and it was fun, but I wouldn't have felt any regret on missing out either... Happy weekend and anniversary and Hope you have many more decades to celebrate together.

Lee Ann

Wine people really are like that. I am married to one too...only he and friends brag about getting stuff for six euros, rather than dollars. That is such a wonderful idea for a surprise party, and when I read the list of wines off to my husband, indeed his eyes did roll back a bit, he sighed, and said, "yep, that's good stuff alright..."

I have the very same problem of waking in the middle of the night when I drink over a certain amount of wine...the wakeup time is four in the morning for me, and there might not be a return to sleep. But when the wine is that good, it's not a bad exchange. I just knit more, is all...

I am not sure of the year, but we had a Santenay for my birthday with the foie gras. There was no Chateaux Margaux to be had, unfortunately (that is THE birthday wine.) Happy happy anniversary, and your husband gets "wicked big points" with me on this one, despite you missing Cummington :-)

Big hug to you!


Ok. I was feeling bad about not going to Cummington, since it sounded so lovely. Now I'm sorry I'm not one of your friends. What a good reason.


Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Congratulations on your anniversary too. Well, I'm sorry you couldn't sleep (though I can't blame you) and that that prevented you from making it to Cummington, but it sounds like a very good reason. Have a great time at the Frolic, which I will, sadly, miss. See you at NETA or VT, or Rhinebeck... :)


You know what I just noticed. They're all empty bottles. Sounds like you had a wicked good time as we'd say down here in Boston.


Happy Anniversary! What a sweet mister you have.

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