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Helen in NH

holy smokes YOU have been a busy girl.
You inspire me.
go, go, GO !!!


*envy* leaks from my pores. What beautiful singles. Uneven? Hah. Not. Come to my house to look at uneven.

I vote for the Highland one.
Oh, you weren't putting it out for vote? Bwahahaha!


Lovely singles and in one of my favorite colors! It will make a gorgeous shawl!


I absolutely LOVE the Peacock feather shawl & can't wait to see yours in a photo!


Wow, those batts are gorgeous! I'll be delighted to see your shawl. Well, delighted and a mixture of jealous and feeling inadequate. But delighted nonetheless. ;-D

Lee Ann

In what alternate universe is that spinning uneven?

Man oh man, that roving is incredible. Man oh man I am in trouble with a capital T...I need taller ceilings and a wheel....


That is an amazing color. And Im really glad to hear that you got through the chart mishap.


I'm with Lee-Ann - uneven where? I've seen them, lady, you can't fool me.

Gorgeous, gorgoeus color.


Singles look fine from here! And even if it didn't, plying and knitting will truly mask all grist sins.


Hurray for your Peacock progress! You should be proud of yourself. (I know I was.) And yes, your singles look great!


Oh, hooray. You have made it through the desert and the red sea is parting...oh, something like that, happy passover is what I'm getting at. :)

I totally know what you mean about having people watching helping you finish. It doesn't help me with everything, but one of the biggest reasons I blog is that it keeps me going on my knitting, and it challenges me to try new things, knitting-wise. All for the good.

Can't wait to see your peacock. And to see that lovely handspun find its destiny!


Wow! Speedy knitter :)


I just looked at your "on the needles" and I am in awe over your ability. I am in love with the pecock scarf, but have no hopes to even try it right now.


I'm not a big fan of green, but that's a green even I can drool over! The Peacock Feathers Shawl is also very lovely.

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