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Julia, it is wonderful!! Ooohhhh........I have seen a 15 year old beg and it is NOT pretty. Just wait until he is 23 and begs for something........haha! Definitely something to laugh about!


Very, very cool. Best dressed Halloween costume prize coming right up. I mean c'mon - if a 15 yr old is going to beg for it....


Oh, it looks wonderful! You did a fantastic job!!


That is just INCREDIBLE. It felted so well, too! And what a compliment that the 15-year-old desperately wants one. Major SCORE.


You sure know how to create the best hats! I hope the boy will keep them all forever. Nice work!!

Rachel H

Fabulous hat! I'd love to make one for my little pirate (um, Not before tomorrow, of course)


Ahoy, mateys, it's another Julia original! Great job!!


Wow!! How cool is this? Your Pirate hat came out GREAT!!


That is an amazing hat. And I particularly enjoyed the expression on the first model's face. AVAST!


Very Cool!!! It looks awesome!

Lee Ann

It's perfect! He looks like he'll never want to take it might have a permanent pirate on your hands ;-)


Damn, you're good.

Bean wanted me to sing you a song

Halloween is coming
Halloween is coming
Skeletons are after you
Witches, bats, big black cats


If it's cool enough for teeange boys, you KNOW it's cool. Your little guy is so adorable in it, too. I can't wait for John to hit his dress up phase. I am going to have a ball!


That is SO fantastic!!!!!


WOW, neat!


That is totally AWESOME! Will either the toddler or the teen be getting a matching sweater to go with the hat?

Kim/Chef Messy

That is just SO cute!


I kind of like the prefelting picture. That's a genius sneer/snarl/lip curl thingy you've got going on there.


Yargh matey!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

The hat turned out great, I had a hard time imagine the final product, but wow. :)

Beth S.

Congratulations, Julia! Your son will get a lot of compliments on that hat, I predict. :-) And it's wonderful that the Teenager wants one. How often do they get excited about knitting, after all?

Other Julia

Very cute, I am amazed at the effort that goes into Halloween costumes. I think if you want to post a graph, you should first convert the file to a pdf - if you need me to do that for you, just holler. I have the software.


I LOVE that! Wow! Talk about a super mom, being able to come up with a felted pirate hat design on the fly! Great work!

I would love to see the completed pattern - it seems the jolly roger part is the easy part, it's how one achieves that lovely pirate-y shape that's difficult!


Truly stupendous.

I'd give him an extra candy bar if he came to my house!


Arr, matey! That be a mighty fine cap ye've made for your little swabbie there!

Fer yer amusement, I give ye the following link. I thought of ye and The Boy when I read it.


Brilliant. And, you put on an excellent sneer.

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