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Food cam.

said in the voice of the SNL Land Shark.


At 3:00 in that second plate, that could very easily be the hummingbird moth that was in my yard this past August! ;-D

So sorry you missed the interpretive dance with Diet Coke in our room Sunday morning. It was truly spectacular.

Ah, fun memories. Thank you to Walter for remembering the plastic champagne flutes. He's a gem, obviously!


Glad you had fun - next year I'm so there!


I meant what I said and I said what I meant. Outside the Robin booth, that is. Truly one of the highlights of the trip was getting to know you. You are a phenomenally beautiful woman (with a lovely pettable sweater) and it was a great pleasure to spend some time with you. You also have my undying gratitude for the bag of loveliness you so generously offered me. It continues to make me spectacularly happy.


Those of you who were with Julia this w/e, saw, during Saturday night's show-and-tell-what-I-bought-at-Rhinebeck-today, what she bought for me. Wow. She just delivered it. Wow. Wow. Wow. Cormo/Tussah roving from Foxhill Farm, handpainted roving and sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Bombyx/Merino from Chasing Rainbows (2!), cool sparkly moorit from Cafe l'Agneau, and the piece de resistance, 1/5 oz. of Vicuna. Holy shit. Those of you who molested, I mean felt it, know what I'm talkin' about. Holy shit.

I was planning to go out this afternoon, but I don't know if I can resist spinning up some of this manna.

This is the next best thing to going to a fiber event... getting goods delivered! THANK YOU, JULIA. I AM DEEEEEELIGHTED.


Oh, the CIA -- I'm SOOOO jealous. I took classes there back in my pre-kid days, but the knitting obsession wasn't up to par then. When I lived in Wappingers Falls, NY I skipped Rhinebeck to go on vacation to NH...

Lee Ann

I don't know what makes me feel more like I shoulda been there, the hugs or the dessert.

Okay, it's the hugs, I admit it. Both of the people kind and the llama kind(those big lugs are reeeeeeally friendly ;-))


It was such a pleasure meeting you and running into you all over the place! Thouroughly enjoyed the weekend! Hope to see you again soon.

PS - Got the llama t-shirts - thanks!


I'll be waiting and watching for more!


It was so nice to meet you and chat a bit yesterday. I took your advice on the taste buds, absolutely heavenly, to be sure.

So glad you had such a lovely weekend.


Did we terrorize them? Oh dear. I suppose they have to hit the real world sooner or later.

I had serious comb envy. Please stop me now.


Hey Julia it was GREAT as always to see you and meet Nathania and Laurie. Hopefully next year, I will have a little more time to play with you all. I thoroughly enjoyed the little time that I had at the festival!


In four years attending college in Poughkeepsie I never once ate at CIA. Well, there's always reunion weekend...

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