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I bought the book just for Friday Harbour and now I have plans to knot just about all of them in the book


Not to challenge anyone or anything, this is an honest question: I've heard of people using Bearfoot for Friday Harbour, but the patten calls for MC Weaver's Wool Quarters - there's a huge difference in weight between the two. Is the substitution working out okay?


Well, Julia, like the red sox, there is always next year for the insomnia sweater! :)
Love your socks. Is that redundant of me to say? Because when was there a sock that I did NOT like? I'm just wondering.


Nice socks. And no pressure to finish. Promise.


Janine does the same thing I do: how many times have I typed "etherknotter", only to sigh, and correct it.

Socks, like everything else, will be done in their own time. My Rhinebeck sweater won't be. That's fine. I guess. I'm learning to be patient.

No pressure on you, is the take-home message.


Great socks! So happy you joined he Socktoberfest group ;)


Spa baby, think spa. February is a good time to burn out your eyes with unexpected color.

the thought of the "perfect" buttons is leaving me a little....nervous.

See you tomorrow night.


Beth S.

I know for a fact that you can knit those socks in two weeks. I knit the entire cuff of a Friday Harbor sock one long-ago weekend, though I ended up ripping it out because it was Too Small (this seems to be a theme with me, huh?) Margene posted some excellent tips about this sock a while back, including a fairly major one about the needle size. Recommended reading for sure.


I'm pouting about the Cosby sweater. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'. Thank god I have other ways of recognizing you at sheep festivals. xoxo Kay


The alliteration is so pleasing, however I actually learned that cast-on from my sister Silvia.


Isn't Socktoberfest tons of fun? That Trekking has beautiful colors. Good luck with your projects!


No pressure...just knit;-)

Bookish Wendy

The colors in that sweater are perfect. I love it.

I tried emailing you but it got bounced. Thank you for the offer. I'm all set for a ride to Rhinebeck. I'll be there Saturday morning. See you soon!!!


Friday Harbour is on my "one of these days" list. Can't wait to see yours.


If it makes you feel better, I don't have anything newly-knitted to wear to Rhinebeck, either . . . all I've got is my Chappy cap! (Well, I mean, I'll be wearing other clothing, too, but the Chappy cap is new, but purchased, you understand, not knitted, and really, I think I'd better shut up now...) See you Saturday.

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