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Are you serious? A week till it comes?
I've got to get going, I've three kids who are bums.
No candy, no pumpkins, no costumes to wear...
Could I can lash a brown fleece to them and call it a bear?


Good luck with that. I've done the "sewing thing", but this year grandma sent costumes!


Bah, humbug! says Norma, tho' it's the wrong season.
In a cave I'll be hiding, eating candy, not sharing.
Ask why if you want, but I'll give you no reason.


CVS. On sale. I bought an obscene amount of candy there today for the neighborhood ghouls. Great poetry, BTW, but Norma's keeping up!


Snickers? Did somebody say Snickers??

Great poem...


Oh my, I so remember those years of costume designing....eeekkk! There are a few perks in being just a "grammy".....hehe. Trick O Treat!


The fur it was flying in a small town in Mass
For dread of the horror that might come to pass
The costumes aren't ready, 'though the fabric is here
Do you know how to build a werewolf's right ear?


Oh, and Steph too. I think was blind last night. And now Ruth.


I'm so glad I don't have to sew costumes for Halloween anymore. No more little pilgrim, no more fairy princess, no more genie, no more witch . . . sigh, maybe I'm not so glad. I miss my *little* girl.


Twas the night before Halloween, and all through the town
Frantic mothers were sewing pirates and gowns.
They had to be ready for a party at school and last through the evening for each little ghoul.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of candy danced in their heads.
And while Mama was sewing and watching Dad snore
She began to think Halloween was just a big bore.

I wimped out a bought a costume. In my defense, I do not sew and the specific request for a "purple pirate princess witch costume with a pokey hat" horrified me but was surprisingly easy to met a Target.


Too funny! I just got out of Halloween costume panic mode myself. My son won't wear it though, which makes me wonder why I wasted two weeks.


This is a hard copy of my thoughts in the grocery store this morning...only it was Milky Ways.

Bookish Wendy

As long as you're not giving out pencils or apples I think the Halloween Gods will smile on you.



You are too funny! Hope your Halloween is wonderful.


OMG .. the CANDY!
I was supposed to buy CANDY!


I wonder if there's any left in the stores?
They'll get more by the weekend? right????


LOL. I haven't done a damn thing. The natives are restless. Must get to Ricky's and buy some green face paint. xoxo Kay LOL, MOTHRA.

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