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I'll admit, I had always wondered where you came up with the name! Thanks for the explanation, dude.


Buy the domain and be done with it. You know you want to.


hello there! i'm enjoying reading your blog... i was brought here by a google search on kaffe's foolish virgins sweater... this is a long shot, but what i'm searching for is the pattern for the collar of that sweater. i'm one of insane few... i've been working on this sweater since last winter and i am almost finished! only problem is that i've since lost the book (kaffe's classics) and i have photocopies of the pattern charts, so i can finish up the sweater itself, but i have no clue what to do about that collar. you wouldn't happen to have that pattern, would you? and if you do, would you share the collar pattern with me?


Having been blessed with the name 'stinkpot' by my older brothers for eternity, I hear your pain. You could always just register '' and do a typepad domain name redirect. It's surprisingly easy. I'm here to help if you need it!


And plus, dude, you're like, famous and shit. And unforgettable.


I was wondering! I think mine is pretty obvious, but yeah, I agree, it would be cool to have my own domain name . . . but, um, programming? Not so much! See you at Rhinebeck!

Teresa C

Hey! I love that Not A Secret Pal button!


I've always thought it was some kind of cool nickname or pun, and it's cool to know where it came from. Good for you for reclaiming it; there are both family and schoolyard nicknames for me that are way too humiliating ever to unearth again.


Great story- I can relate! you may think I got off lightly because my childhood nickname is more publically palatable as a blog name, but alas, it's not my only nickname.
I was plagued by another in my late teens and twenties- I have Michael Jackson and a couple of feats of bad timing (which my fellow uni students took to be a sign) to thank for it.


Interesting. Isn't reciting the blog name or URL the worst?


Aren't children charming and kind?
To this day, my brother still calls me Schleprock and I call him Rubberhead :)
(Points if you remember where Schleprock comes from)
I think scrubberbum is rather endearing, and living well is the best revenge and Julia, you do!


Hey, if you don't like it, you can change it. You know all of us in blogland who love you will be happy to update our settings. Or stick with it cause it's catchy and cute and we know it's you.

Kinda cool that strangers rattle off your URL.


It's a standout; catchy, interesting, etc..., but I KNOW the pain it brings you. Great that you've "embraced" it, but life is too short for avoidable pain... Why remind yourself of the dopes you've had to endure in your life. Ah, if only they could see you now...
You can channel that energy into knitting, spinning, and blogging! Also, you can see just how quickly the blog world can rattle off your newest "handle" (I just can't resist that old breaker-breaker-take-me-home CB moniker). Have a great time in Rhinebeck and bring me home some delicious surprises!

Beth S.

I have often wondered where various blog names come from, and yours was one of them.

Children are basically cruel. (Lord of the Flies really soft-pedaled it, if you ask me.) There were a real batch of hellions in the neighborhood I moved to when I was nine or so, and when I first met the kids across the street I made the mistake of saying "Pleased to meet you." This phrase was then catcalled at me from behind bushes, fences, wherever a kid or two could hide and giggle. Someone eventually pointed out to me that the thing to say was "hi", or maybe "hello", but certainly nothing more expansive than that. I still have no idea why being polite was so deserving of mockery, but so it was in suburban New Jersey in the seventies.


Try having a boy's name when you're--ahem--very obviously a girl.

Great entry! Very funny!


I always think of you as Moth Heaven, anyway.


Maybe the woman was too shy to speak to you? Just a thought.
As for the nickname~wow, that brings back memories of school for me too. I had always wondered where 'Scrubberbum' had come from. I had a not-so-nice last name that begat quite a few variations when I was in school too.


''Mango yoghurt''. Ha,ha,ha. Not.
These things make us stronger.


I always liked Scrubberbum because it sounds so clean and pink. But I guess it's different when you're the one it is attached to.

Is there any kid in the world who hasn't had an unwanted nickname? I think the kids who mind the most are the ones who get teased the most.


Personally, I think it's cute. We refer to my dad as "Duckbutter" and he loves it. (a long story which I will tell sometime before Christmas, as I am making a Duckbutter cushion for the old man) In my mind, however, you are always either Mothheaven or Julia FC.


Well, for the time being just tell people to google Moth Heaven. Comes right up.

I guess I did something similar with my email address (chosen by my niece at a time when I lacked the ability to do something like set up my own hotmail account). But it's a happier sort of self deprecation. Kay! Kay! The big-boned gal! Ain't no doubt....See you tomorrow I hope. xox Kay


hmmmm...count in me amoungst the ever-curious as to where the web address came from. I used to think it was a wonderfuly delightful nickname that has deep roots, or something that was connected with an inside joke between you and the boy. Now, after reading what you've written, I'm sorry I ever thought of it as cute - I hope that as time passes and you continue to be Moth Heaven to all of us, the awful-ness will fade. (I think it's possible to re-route the site to a new address, though I'm sure you already knew that...)

I hope you have a lovely time in NY! I'm looking forward to reading your account, and seeing pictures of the infamous disney-land sort of meal. :)


May I just say, I freaking LOVE the name Schermerhorn? Partly because when I moved here I had NO idea how to pronounce it and the train conductors were no help at all. Learning it was a milestone in my getting settled in here.

I have always been THIS CLOSE to legally changing my name. I figure it'll get legally changed soon enough now that I won't bother, but damn. I had a rough childhood because of it.



I always liked the scrubberbum moniker too - but knowing the story now, I'm a little jealous that you got one so cute. My maiden name is Schlosser, and amongst the MANY traumatizing events of name calling in my past - one stands out. In my elementary school there was a tradition to annouce birthdays over the intercom. In 2nd or 3rd grade, some ass tried to say my name and it came out Melainy Squasher. Suh-weet.

WONDERFUL to see you this weekend!!

Sue Schermerhorn and proud of it.

From one Schermerhorn to another I feel your pain. But hey what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? There are many Schermerhorn streets in America not to mention halls at major colleges, multiple mansions ect.I can't think of a single famous thing named Hale!

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