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Well, the beauty of knitting socks for three-year-olds is that they go very quickly. You'll have your Boy zebra'd up in no time.


Oh My - the zebra socks are stunning - but I LOVE that he's cuddling a ball of sock yarn. Too Cute.


Those Zebra socks are coool. Very, very cool.


I have zebra waiting in my stash too! I already finished my tigers, and I'm working on ladybugs now. My Trekking is also waiting patiently in the stash.

He's adorable, Julia! I would not be able to resist a request, especially for socks, coming from such a cutie.


How could anyone resist....and....he could be a future fiber artist in training. How many kids do you know that cuddle sock yarn....LOL!


The kid's got good taste. Excellent socks Mama!


Great photo. Only a knitter's kid would choose sock yarn as a comfort rather than a stuffed animal.


Sock yarn makes a wonderful stuffed toy, doesn't it? Your son is so cute.


Aw, don't you love when they follow in our footsteps? Amazing. Those look super cute and he's never going to take them off. Good thing we've got Stephanie's shower-sock-washing method, huh? ;)


Poor little guy. I hate that post-meltdown period.

Bean hounded me until I finished her socks. Now, she won't wear them. She wants a sweater. Hrmph.


You've got a fiber friendly child there - that's too precious a resource to take for granted.

I can't believe how much he looks like you - down to the yarn in hand.


Seriously, how cute is that. See these are the moments I need kids, to beg me to knit them something, to be comforted by holding a skein of sock yarn. Abner, my dog, will grab a skein of yarn, but then it's slobbery. Although I imagine a skein of yarn being used as a comfort aid could become sticky, and that might be as bad as slobbery.


*That's* one of the things I forgot to go back and get...the zebra yarn. My kids have been Kratt-i-fied as well, especially my 4 year old son. I've seen it in Tiger too, I think. Off to see if they have "Howling Little Monkey" colorway for the 2 year old...


Excellent taste in sock yarn, I've got the same exact pair of Opal colorways sitting by my chair waiting to be knit into socks. You can't beat the calm *after* the storm.


The Boy (which I call my 2yo son too) has good taste. My monkeys haven't taken to cuddling with a skein, but the boy has carried around a butterfly of trimmings as a comfort object. As someone mentioned, while he might grow out of them quickly, they should be quick to knit up :)


Damn it. I forgot to go back and buy that yarn. Drats. But I think its wonderful that you didn't sleep last night so he'll have handknit socks to comfort him through his illness. (And did I mention that that's the first picture I've seeen of him and that I'm in love?)


Ahhhhhhhhh ! Give those flushed cheeks a kiss. What a loving mama of a sweet boy.



You're raising a very evolved young man, Julia...gotta love a man who gets his comfort from sock yarn!


I love the way the zebra is knitting up! He's really got you 'round his little finger with such inviting requests/demands hasn't he?

Cindy D

I very much enjoyed meeting you at Rhinebeck. It is so neat to connect a real person with a blogger on the web.

Hope the Boy feels better soon; at least the yarn will inspire him and us as well. I am presently knitting up a pair of socks using the Opal Tiger next to his arm.

I love the sock yarn in the dark wine and blue. Can you tell me the brand and colorway?

julia fc

To answer Cindy's question: it's Trekking Crazy Colors #803. And the camera over emphasises the blue component. The actual colour tends more toward the pink end of the spectrum, making the colours more a lavendar/mauve and a plummy brown.


Clearly you are training him up right.


Good news is you'll have enough to make him another pair after he grows out of these!

Beth S.

Those skeins of sock yarn look absolutely enormous when you put them next to a three-year-old! Perspective is a funny thing. And it's absolutely adorable that he's so enthused about a pair of socks. The kid has taste! :-)

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