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That may be the most gorgeous *haul* photo I've seen this week. It might make me forget I hadn't made it to the Bosworth booth.


ROFL re not making it to the Bosworth booth -

what's that seriously edible orange-and-purple and then coppery orange stuff nestling underneath the combs? You're just babysitting it for me, I know it :D

Lee Ann

I wanna.

I'm sure I don't need to even finish that sentence.

And Bosworths rock the house. Although the Cascade Tiger is making me take everything and turn it to laceweight lately...I'm actually kind of sort of in love with it.


Oh my, I am awash with waves of envy. Think my husband will take care of the 6 mo. old twins next year so I can go? I can wean them early. ;-)

Teresa C

Heh, kind of how I went to NY with the express intention of buying a spindle, probably a Golding, because I had used one before and really liked it, and left without a spindle AT ALL!!!! Yeah, that is how it went. There is always mail order.


Wow. I am still drooling over the first photo.
Your post really does capture some of the magic!

Cindy D

It was great fun to meet you at Rhinebeck. Your post makes me wish I bought some of the Socks that Rock yarn. Galina Khmeleva's workshops are worth the time and money to attend.She taught us how to make laceweight yarn with a Russian spindle.


Wow. Did we go to the same show?


Okay, next year I HAVE to do my shopping with other fiberholics. I seem to have missed so much of the good stuff . . . (grin) (Not complaining, mind you, just . . . how did I manage to miss all this stuff??) But anyway, it was great meeting you!


I went to Rhinebeck with no thoughts of spinning *at all* ... and came home with a Bosworth spindle. Sheila even gave me a spinning lesson.

Lee Ann is right ... Bosworths rock. But from the looks of things, you aren't without lots of wonderful souveniers.


Sounds like so much fun- so much beautiful yarn!


Great description of the festivities, Julia.

Bookish Wendy

Love this post.

You were in Acton?! How could I have missed you?

PS - your email address is bouncing me. Does it hate me?


That's some good writing. I'm not jealous or anything.

But I had fun storming the castle with you, which is some consolation. Sort of.

Beth S.

A little bird told me that you also scored the same Trekking colorway that Cassie used to make her fabulous orange and grey stripey Rhinebeck socks. You wouldn't be inclined to divulge the shade number on the ballband, would you? I'd love to find a skein of that stuff myself. :-)


of all the post-Rhinebeck posts I've read lately, I think this one best captures what it's really like to be there, the hey-look-at-that, oh-wait-look-at-THAT feeling, the falling into a booth and coming out not quite remembering what you bought but knowing how much you love all of it experience. It's a strange and bewildering kind of wonderful, isn't it?


yay. re-living the Rhinebeck love.

PS - tell that Erika twin-gal to write me, her blog is empty yo!


Looks like you got some really nice stuff! I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you at Rhinebeck :o(


I feel quite drunk after reading that !
Fab !


A Rhinebeck virginity lost in high style.

Siow Chin

I really enjoy your post. Reminds me of the time I went into a notions store wanting to buy tracing pattern and came out getting a nail clipper (of all things) and no tracing paper. If I ever go to Rheinback, I think I might forget to buy yarn.


What a great description of the festival! I'll have to prescribe vicuna dressings to my patients with recalcitrant hand problems. Leftovers to Laurie, please.

You describe the out-of-body experiences perfectly.

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