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I totally approve of the lime green. I'd never have chosen it myself, but now that I see it, it works perfectly.


Rick Mondragon did a great article on intarsia in the round a while back (in Knitters). I took the class, and it's alarmingly easy....


I like the lime green. And, as for your techniques, I haven't a clue what you're talking about. But I have faith in your skills, so it's all good.


i like it too.


Wow! Did NOT see that color coming!


She'll never lose them ;o)


Lime green works. I like it. I just had the impression that they were too bright for you already. :)


I love the lime! Unexpectedly fruity mittens.

Beth S.

I think Solveig Hisdal would approve.


I can see the appeal of the lime. While I'm not that jazzy, I can understand the attraction.


Nope I can't picture it, but I do like the SOUND of a "Po-Mo Nordic Mitt".


That's one pair of mittens that will never be lost in the snow. Very tutti-frutti.

Teresa C

A couple of summers ago there was an IK article by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts about intarsia in the round. I can't remember much about it now, but you must have it, no? You should check it out. There was a sock pattern with hugs and kisses with it, and then she did a follow up in a susequent issue.

Lime looks great.

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