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Can I have some? Those make my mouth water. I now have Mitten Lust. Of course, it's back from freezing here and 51 so I wouldn't be able to wear them, but I could put them on the dresser and drool over them!


Hey those turned out pretty cool!


What a stunning photo!


Nice! Me likey.


What a great color combo that turned out to be!


Great mitten! Those are really going to help cheer up a dreary winter day.


Holy shite, that is gorgeous! Totally, totally could NOT be better. Don't ever doubt your friend's color sense again! (then again, your design sense helped it along quite a bit....)


Beautiful! (Both the mitten and the sunset.)

Rachel H

When I just saw the cuff and those 3 colours all together, I could never in a million years imagine I'd now be saying, with total honesty, that really is a beautiful mitten. Like Norma, I think you've shown here that your design sense is is spot on. (unlike Norma though, I do think your friend's colour sense ought to be questioned.)

Lee Ann

You are simply brilliant. There ain't no way in hell I'm ever wearing orange, pink, or lime green, ever, unless you make it for me. Holy shite indeed.


So that's what I miss by being cooped up in an interior office for 16 hours. Damn.


Wow. Can I borrow the color 6th sense you seem to have? I was sort of horrified originally, but maintained faith...and now, I find them totally charming (and for some reason, am super-desirous of a lemonade). A little spot of summer...nice!


awesome mitten -- and thanks for the sunset. i was sitting in an office without a window so i missed it.


Oh! Love, love, love the lime green!!


Hee, hee! I love it!


i love the color combination! great job.


What a beautiful sky picture!! The mittens are too cool......kind of Willy Wonkaish or maybe Pippy Longstockingish ;-))


Beautiful picture. The mittens look great... though now I'm craving a coffee :-)


Hey, those came out pretty cool - my daughter would love them.

Of course, they would clash with the tasteful mulberry and navy winter coat I bought her from Land's End two years ago...the coat which she is just.not.growing.out.of.

Beth S.

It's bright, but I like it!

And whatta sunset! :-)

Diane E.

I love creating the mitten pattern as I knit. Graet Job!


What a beautiful sunset - I'm sure your house is breathtaking after a fresh snow of that magnitude!

The mitten is awesome!

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