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Unless you want to complete the Dunkin Donuts logo, I, personally, would stay away from white...I think black would work, though.

Beth S.

Have a look through Poetry in Stitches; I'm sure you'll get several excellent ideas for that third color.


Yeah, but they're going to look SO COOL!


I really, really, REALLY think you should scrap your pattern and work up an intarsia chart for the Dunkin Donuts sign.

If that's not an option, though - deep bloody crimson might be a nice match for the opposite intensity of those colors.


Naturewool makes a great pink/orange colorway. On my blog, I have a pattern for basic mittens made out of it. I know you don't need the pattern, but check out the colorway. I think she'll like it.


Brown. Dunking Donuts + UPS.


Why, the contrasting color should be cafe au lait, of course! With a gift card to DD slipped inside.


I think silver-grey patterns on a pink-orange background would look really nice, and would hopefully not be too blinding!
Mmm, donuts...


Oh hell why not blue?? It might be a nice contrast!! a bright blue but not so bright you will resent it ...


i agree with colleen, i think they would look very cool in pink and orange.

but if you really can't bear it how about a dark purple, or navy.


I started working on pink, orange, and yellow mittens a couple of years ago, and abandoned them for reasons that had nothing to do with color. If you want not-blinding, though, I'd go with black.


I think a deep chocolate brown (or black coffee?) color would be a nice contrast. I love the idea of Dunkin'Donuts mittens but can't imagine how blinding it'd be to knit them up!

Teresa C

Blue. Or the deep red. Or a nice cream. Maybe brown. Pastel green would be nice. Or a handpainted with deep colors, including some yellow. Maybe I am not being so helpful......


I like the brown idea - kind of like the coffee, no?


Black. Everything goes with black. It won't compete. If indeed, competition is even thinkable.


Black. It will make those colors POP!


I have to say red or dark fuscia. I know, I know, kill you (or me) now, but...then I really like orange and pink together. So you may not be able to trust my opinion.


White (snicker snicker)

I'd avoid black because it's just going to make the pink and orange pop even more. I'd go with a orangey red or a brown. Brown would be really pretty as long as it's a "red" brown and not a "grey" brown.

And tell Megan she's got great taste. I LOVE those colors together.


I love pink and orange together. And if you're bringing a third into the mix, I also vote for brown.


Chalk up another vote for coffee brown!


I'd vote for black or dark brown. And you are a good friend to even say yes... BLINK! BLINK!


Aqua / teal....complementary with pink AND orange. And, I have to say...those colors are oddly compelling.


Aaaah, how I miss and yearn for Dunkin' Donuts. Although everytime I stop in while on a trip to some other U.S. city, I'm reminded how crappy the coffee really is and how the donuts leave the yucky, greasy feeling on the roof of your mouth. *sigh*


What dunking donuts? Those are lovely vibrant colors! :) Just have your shades on when you knit them...


I like the idea of royal blue!

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