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I truly love those colors. What a winter warm-up! I bought some Lorna's Laces yesterday that's just missing the green...

Beth S.

Holy cannoli! That thing is BRIGHT!

But I love it. And I admire you enormously for tackling the Holy Grail of knitting all head-on like that. (Don't they demand perfect argyles when you do the Master Knitter program?)


Too funny. Before I even read anything but the word argylish, I thought of Zooboomafoo. I loved that show. (Boys are in school now, so I don't get as much fun TV).


Oh how I have missed your wit, Julia! My laptop power cord broke (literally! It's a common problem with the Dell's evidently, and they are making a fortune in replacements at $50.00 a pop!) and I have just caught up since 12/31. Your sequoia man is so lucky to have you even attempting that sweater! It is awesome and you will be equally as awesome as you make parts of it up as you go along! Argyles away! Its color scheme makes me smile and long for coffee.


Nothing like some bright socks to carry you through the gray winter days.


I did my Master Knitter argyle and it was not half as pretty as yours. Your colors are wonderful!


OH MY GOD SO PRETTY! I have never done an argyle and have no idea how. I'll have to put that on the list, maybe for summmer. I imagine socks are good summer projects.


Hey, lady. I have a question for you. I recently tried doing an argyle sock and loved knitting it. But I almost cried with the stress of sewing it up. How does your pattern suggest you sew yours? I'd love to take up my argyles again if I could figure out a good way to seam.

Good luck! I love the colors, but you knew that already. ;)


Dude. That kicks ASS.


It's going to be beautiful! You are very brave (and proficient!)


Very, very cool. And it looks so purty, too.


OMG, now you have really done it. I was the argyle queen in school and you are becoming your mother!!! Only one thing tho. I NEVER had the ****'s to use any other than the usual traditional color combos so I am passing the torch to you my darling. XOXOXO


Very Cool!


Ohhhh, they're beautiful. My husband loves argyle socks. Maybe that should be the way I start my colorwork? Yay or nay? Am I being crazy to entertain such a notion?

P.S. LOVE your mom's comment. Can I adopt her as my mom?


Love them! So you knit them flat? Interesting.


Well, if you're going to go argyle, that's got to be the way to go.


There can be nothing wrong with hot pink mixed with orange.


My grandmother and her sister and their friends always tell me: "I can't knit-- but I remember knitting argyle socks during the war..." !!! I've been intrigued for a couple of years, but haven't taken the plunge. I'll be looking at your photos with interest! Have fun.


I still have to rub my eyes after I look at those colors together. Definitely the antidote to driftwood.

Rachel H

Yep, those'll be traffic stoppers alright. Great work though. and is is sad that as soon as I saw your title I thought Zoboomafoo before I read ANY of your post. I need to get out more.


Two of my favorite colors - pink and orange! Can't wait to see how they knit up.


I had a pink and orange sweater in junior high that I still, 40 years later, remember with longing. Those socks will be a treasure!


I love it. I love them so much I wsnt to make them (but am too intimidated by the whole Argylish thing)


where could i find that pattern? i've been dying to try argyle myself... i JUST conquered fair isle, and argyle is my last major hurdle!!


Love them! I inherited my mother's old sock books, and there are several argyle patterns in there (perhaps she went to school with your mom?). You've got me itching to try my hand ...

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