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Why you so pouty?

The afghans look beautiful. That's my kind of party there, lemme tell ya.


It wasn't that bad. You just looked concentrating, then caught off guard.

So those socks are what long-time knitters do for fun? *sigh*

Beth S.

Aren't you glad you took the time to fix it properly? :-)

That sock is a marvel. All those ends! And purling with many colors! Respect is due.


I've done that, too. You keep moving forward thinking you can ignore the mistake and then it just gets to you all at once and rip, rip, rip.


Maybe I'm a bad knitter, but if Steph hadn't posted the pictures with the big yellow arrows, I never would have seen the error. You guys need to let go of your little white circles and your big yellow arrows.

Only Allah is perfect, right? :D

Those are great funky colors for an argyle pattern. If I ever get that far on the Master Knitter program I might consider a similar colorway.


Pictures #15, 25, and 33, right? Certainly 33, because the argyle socks are there.

That looks like a great party. The afghans are beautiful.


that sock construction is ingenius; if I were crazy I'd find the pattern and cast-on for one right now. Luckily exhaustion is keeping me from executing such a pattern search and the craziness is cleared for another day.

What is the border pattern on those afghans - it's perfect to tie everything together!


Whoa there. Watch out with the name calling. I know the goof pointer-outer and I happen to know she's not smug in the slightest or an itch with a B. She and I are faithful readers of Stephanie's blog and I think we all know this is something Steph would want to be made aware of. Stephanie is even sending her a thank-you treat, so obviously she's grateful.

Your work is very beautiful.


yeah, I had a similar thought about that nice lady...

julia fc

Just so we're all on the same page here, Dharma's right, about Stephanie wanting to know. That was the funniest post I've read from her in a while, and we all have Dharma's friend to thank for it! I was just being a smug b*tch myself!


There's something about the construction of an argyle sock that just makes me think the original inventor of this thing was seriously, seriously on some very good drugs.


Did anyone notice the Dunkin Donuts to go cup in the background behind Julia in pic. #17. Pretty funny. Didn't those sock colors all begin with pink and orange Dunkin Donuts mittens? 6 degrees of separation, huh?

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