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oooh! goody!


So the form is flat and you felt wool on both sides of it? That's the fold you mean?

Very interested in seeing your next hat take shape. I did my first hand felting (still fulling, actually) this past weekend, so of course it's time for more.


So you cover the form front and back - making a two dimensional felt ColorForm hat-like object?

Not as mysterious and fascinating as an attic full of vintage hat forms (which you could easily have, really), but infinitely more cool and useful.


I am really curious to see how a two-dimensional form gets you a three dimensional object.

Lee Ann

I'm staying tuned, definitely. There's an artist who displayed her felted hats with all sorts of fun stuff added to them at a recent show here, and my kid fell totally in love with the most ridiculous of I'd love to know how to do this myself. Felt, that is. Fall in love with ridiculousness, I'm an expert at that ;-)


I live in that kind of house, too. Wait. I lied. I USED to live in that kind of house before we filled up not one, not two but THREE (and a half) large dumpsters last year with all the CRAP that had accumulated. We reclaimed three rooms! Now that's spring cleaning ;o)

Amy Boogie

Of course I keep all the old plastic and stuff too. My husbands complains and I calmly explain that I'm a Mainer and that is just what we do. Waste not want not. Great felted hat.


I care, I care! I'll never do it, but I care how it's done!


Oooohhh! super. Looking to the next installment!


On the edge of my seat. Seriously. It's Felting Season, y'all. Must have more felting. xox Kay

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