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Rachel H

I love that hat! I would look like the ultimate dork in that hat, but I love it!


Good golly you're stunning in that hat!


The best (and funniest) tutorial I've read in a long time.
Cute hat!


That was so much fun! And what a great hat, to boot.

I do have all that roving I bought at Rhinebeck... (my spinning isn't progressing much)


Great hat!
Now you're making me want to dig out all the half finished ones that I have....
But I gotta get a vibrator first. ;)


Cute hat, and just imagine all the strange hits from google searches you'll get now!


Felting as therapy - love it!
Mercy, mercy, is that Sister Imelda gonna take one for the rectory...


That is just so great! And I do think that it would be a fun project with my older kids ...


HAHAHAHA! You weren't kidding about the vibrator...LOL! Works just as good aa a sander ;-).

I love the suits you!

Sorry I will miss you tomorrow at the NETA joining party. ;(

Lee Ann

Dude. I need to find a better source for toys. Mine doesn't shake bears out of trees, I can assure you...

If my husband were not so whingey about having his picture taken, I'd take a snapshot of the moment I tell him, "honey, it's for making a felted hat, DUH..." and send it to you. Like the VISA ad says--priceless.

You look mahvelous.




That looks like so much fun! The hat is amazing.


Like a bad donkey, eh? I'm totally stealing that.

You know, I'm thinking you've got me mixed up with the real microwave-sock-drier. I'm way too forgetful to ever stick a sock in the microwave.


Any suggestions for those of us without massagers? Could we whack it with a mallet or something?

julia fc

You got a palm sander? You're in business.
And Claudia's right, it was her spinning that she dried in the micro. My bad.


I'm so with the bad donkey. Great results with Herb Alpert analogies, too. (Where DID I see that album, since I was too young to really get the whipped cream on the cover idea??) The look in your eyes? Now THAT was priceless.


I took a felting seminar which used your techniques (sans vibrator) and it was such a thrill to see the fabric that resulted. Your tutorial is excellent and you win the prize for "Best Title of a Post".


You are KILLING me. You are slaying me. This looks like too much fun. I can't believe that I consider myself a felter after reading this--what hubris! What nerve! What an ass I am! I'm like a Sunday Felter, a mere dabbler....where do I turn in my crockpot?

THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!! xoxo Kay


That's a truly fabulous hat !
I can only wear hats with a brim. I may need to make this one.


Just lovely. Too bad that I have NO TIME in January. But lots of wool suited to the purpose. Maybe later this spring.

What if you do not have a handy vibrator hanging around?


Julia what a fantastic tutorial! I'm totally inspired :) Just need to get my hands on an.. um.. errr... massager. We've never had need for one around here before!


Oh, what a gorgeous hat, and it suits you to a T! Thanks for the step by step photos.


Fantastic tutorial! Love the results. Thanks, Julia.

Diane E.

You are the Queen! Awesome!

Amy Boogie

Gorgeous hat and you look fab in it.
Excellent tutorial. It makes me want to go abuse some wool.

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