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My sister had that Herb Alpert album... remember how risque that cover was then? I don't think our mom knew she had it. When Carly Simon's "No Secrets" arrived from the Columbia record club, my mom's response was "No bra, either."

Thanks for the awesome lesson--I knew nothing about felting and now I feel like I could try it. That's an excellent hat you made, and so flattering! Who knew you could whack wool like a bad donkey? Sounds like a great project for a bad day.

(I sawed my ex-roommate's sofa up with a hand saw once, so I know from cathartic projects).

Bookish Wendy

Dang! You're cute.


LOL! LOL! I love that you made a hat from scratch. This is the BEST.

Beth S.

You look adorable in the finished hat! Definitely worth all the flinging and pounding and massaging it took to get to that point.

Will you put a bit of ribbon around the brim, or a little Nicky Epstein flower of some sort, to achieve the full Helena Bonham Carter?


Wooowww! Now that's a process. Great job. I'm not sure that I would have the stamina for it.


Amazing post! You are the bomb in that hat.
And I'm not even going to ask what prompted you to buy a vibrator 15 years ago.


Love the tuturial and the hat!


I had a friend who used a hand held sander as a back masager. The vibrating pad kind, not a belt sander;-) I seem to think that that may work as well. Wonderful hat! I had one similar that my weaving teacher brought back from Convergence about twenty years ago. I cried when it finally had so many holes that it had to be retired. I still have it and now that I have started felting, I may be able to fix it. Yes I still have it. I couldn't bear to throw it out.

the kim half of glamorouse

I ended up here from Clementine's Shoes, which I found via PeaSoup and visited because I went to school with a girl called Clementine.

I have no idea what I just read.

But it was compelling all the same.


Well I'm Pea Soup (just following on from Kim's comment although a month or so later) and I just came here cos Jan told me to. (I just tried to make a felt hat, which turned out to be a felt wall hanging instead so she pointed me in the right direction. Clearly my mistake is that I didn't use a vibrator.)

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