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Oooo, I love them all! Yesterday I thought about making myself a small red KSH scarf.


I know ALL about, "Now, WHERE was I in the pattern?" I've been knitting an intensely cabled baby sweater for about 6 months now, and every time I resume work on it I have to figure out what size I was knitting, how many stitches I was using, where I was in the cable, what row I'm supposed to increase on, blahblahblah. If I would just learn to mark up my patterns better or keep better notes!

I gotta say, everything you're working on now is just beautiful!


Oh my - that Poetry in Stitches Cardigan is lovely! What gorgeous knitting!

Beth S.

It's the Return of the Poetry Cardigan! Do you hear those trumpets and angelic choirs? :-)

I'll cast mine on soon. I'm still a little freaked out about it.


Those flowers in the Poetry in Stitches cardigan look like embroidery. Such fine work!


Okay. I totally feel you on the Trinket scarf. My solution to the row problem would be one of these row counters:

They stay on the needle (your small one anyway; I don't know the size of your larger needle) and generally don't turn until you make them turn. However, I have only one just like that and am often stealing it from one project to use for another, so it can still be all about finding that dang pattern note. But it's better in the meantime.


Nice roster. It looks like it will keep you out of trouble adequately. I had forgotten about the PS136 cardigan. Definitely love that MC colorway.


I can't wait to see more progress on the PS sweater. Although you almost lulled me into total forgetfulness of its existence with the long hiatus. Now that you've jump started my memory, the nagging can commence. ;-)


I love the kidsilk haze! Also, the Poetry in Stitches Cardigan is amazing - well beyond my skills (especially since I'm afraid of colorwork!)


Amazing knitting !
Makes me hyper-ventilate at the thought of trying to do something like that.


I do have a project that I've abandoned for quite a while and maybe I should finish it. Or not. He he. The PIS is extremely beautiful, but I get that the beige and white look so much alike in the light you have. Eh, you have another 3 months in the KAL!

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