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it looks fantastic! :)


Holy crap! Did you look at Lucia's pattern? I am loving that. Girlfriend knows some computer programming...

I might have to make a pair of those someday.

Beth S.

Now that's intriguing! I'm not sure I understamd why the gussets are knitted back and forth--is it just so you can fit in the bottom of that green diamond without having to carry yarn across the back?


I am totally feeling the argyle! I was wearing some argyle sox yesterday and am planning something argyle for my spring projects. Thanks for all the tips!


Those socks look great! Thanks for all of those links.


For a skull argyle I might - might, I say - jsut consider it. I have pink and brown sock yarn...maybe a little lime and turquose for accent?


There's also Kristine's ( ) argyle vest ( ). Somewhere there's a really cute photo of a two-year-old wearing it, but I can't find it right now.


I just adore your sock :D


If you can still find a copy of The Social History of Knitting, it's worth getting. It's a really excellent book.


This is very inspirational - your sock is so fetching that it makes me want to follow some of those great instructions and cast one on immediately!


Which colors are truest to the sock? It's interesting to see how the light changes things.

julia fc

It's true. Hmm, lemmee see here. The green from the latest post is too yellow. I think the colours in the harsh sunlight picture from two posts ago, "Happy Sock", is probably the best. All these versions of the colours are pretty good, really, considering how far off my camera usually decides to capture things. Anything with blues in it, forget it. It turns everything the same colour blue, which is nothing like any blue I have


I'm making argyle socks and finding them anything but "happy." Maybe because I'm making them for a rather conservative guy?


I love your happy socks. Have only just found your posts on knitting argyle socks. Thanks for listing those links. I have been struggling with seamless argyle socks and found Patricia Gibson-Roberts' instructions for knitting intarsia in the round in Interweave Knits, Fall 2003. When I tried to stop understanding the instructions and just followed - they worked! It's nice not to have to do a seam, but they are a bit of a tangle to manipulate.

Susanne Flodstrom

where can I buy this pattern for JAYWALK SOCKS?

I like these and the argyle socks

please advise

thank you

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