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Oh wow, that is so cool! I hope it is successful, cuz then maybe there will be offspring?

Beautiful job.


I heart your mittenus latvius.


What a great mitten, next year (meaning winter 2006) I have several Latvian Mittens on my need to finish list.


Beautiful mitten! I like the way you did the contrasting thumb pattern only on one side. Makes me want to knit more mittens!


You got me looking at the soft underbelly of my own vulnerable, naked thumb... and thinking it may need its very own mittinis latvius camoflagus to survive.

Beth S.

It's done, it's done, it's DONE! How exciting! I love the "camouflaged" thumb. Those Latvians are a very clever people, aren't they?

Now don't pull a Harlot and knit two identical mittens... remember the next mitten needs to have the thumb on the other side. ;-)


Oooh! Oooh! Oooh! *jumps up and down, clapping like a giddy schoolgirl*

You're driving me into a Latvian Mitten frenzy! What a great job on the invisible thumb - so impressive.



Is this a combination of charts from the Upitus (sp?) book?

I love it. The best part of these little treasures are the (as you say) camouflaged thumbs. LOVE that! Hehe.


thumb camo, who da (you da) thought? beautiful!


Awesome...Total eye candy for me!


I think Darwin would approve - I see a long and prosperus race of mittenus latvius in your future.


Very cool. I wasn't really getting sucked into the whole Latvian Mitten thing...

until now. I guess resistance is futile?


Hey, that thumb is completely invisible! I've never seem the likes of that. Ingenious.


I love your mitten so much that I can scarcely draw breath.


Love the scientific camoflauge analysis....

Teresa C

I wish I were coming to the library tonight so I could see it in person. Don't forget it next week, okay?


An absolutely gorgeous specimen. I'm sure its mate will be gorgeous as well.


Increasingly common but only in captivity with careful nuturing. They are nowhere to be found in my land. Good job!


I thought I was hearing the Latvian mitten mating call....

Catherine Harrison

LOL! Very cool indeed.


Hehe, baby mittens on the horizon. But wait, will the mate be brighter or more muted? Which is the dominant mitten??


WOW. a work of art. the post too.

Lee Ann

My hand has suddenly gone all cold. Especially the thumb. It must be love.



How advantageous for the wearer to be able to spring the opposable thumb on an opponent, totally undetected. Great for stealth hitchhiking, too.


Very cool, the camouflaged thumb.

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