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I'm so sorry I missed you! Wouldn't you know. The one night I'm not there. We had a break in our class schedule and I wasn't feeling well.

From Jennifer's telling it sounds like you had a relaxing time, I'm glad you could make yourself at home. I hope that it was a fine departure for Stephanie to be away from crowds for bit. And I'm so happy to hear that she took some Chasing Rainbows yarn. Nancy Finn has an exquisite palette that she applies only to the finest of yarns. She and Linda of Oak Grove are in a class of their own.

You won't be sorry about that Alpaca Lace Weight. Whether you put it on size 1's or size 15's you'll have a yummy garment when you're done. Buttery and fluffy and surprisingly warm. What color did you get? I'm lusting after the deep plum.

Again, I'm sorry I missed you, its always a pleasure. And I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being such a supporter of Circles. We appreciate it.


Oh, I can hear your voices in my head and I love that story. As for the Red Sox/Yankee thing, maybe you just have to have grown up hating the Yankees to get it.


Wait, there's another color of orange KSH???

The Feminist Mafia

Thanks for buttering her up. By the time she arrived in Cambridge, she was most hilarious.


The baseball players aren't the problem; only rarely are they anything other than respectful toward each other. It's the Boston fans. I'm not sure there's anything we can do except teach our children that the major reason we hate the Yankees is because they're so good.

Why would tencel merino be especially good for mittens? (I couldn't work in a yarn shop, either).


The best part was when you upended the sales bin.


Hmm, another item to add to my life's wish list--yarn shopping with you and Stephanie....


Sounds like you had lots of fun!

Rachel H

Sigh. I want to be in a room with 4000 spinning wheels. And I don't even spin yet.

You gradually build up an immunity to Stephanie in yarn shops. Really. What's fun is watching Denny turn the tables on her. She knows which Harlot buttons to push and goes right for 'em. Hell of an enjoyable show.

Bookish Wendy

I would imagine that convincing either of you to buy yarn would be a bit like blowing a feather of a table. Seriously.


Oh, no one can possibly understand the Red Sox/Yankees thing unless they've grown up in New England or lived there for several years. You should have seen my kids' eyes pop several years ago when we exited Fenway and stumbled upon a vendor selling Yankees Suck bumper stickers. To the untrained ear, her hawking cry sounded a lot like: "Getcha Yankees suck bumpah stickahs heah."


No, no, no, it's CASSIE who is weak, I mean susceptible. *I* just like to buy fiber. But I can make Stephanie buy yarn too so it all works out...and did you see me sell the merino top at SPA? I made six total strangers buy that fiber.

It was really good.....


Heh, can't sell wool to shorn sheep is MAYBE a little stong. ;) But only maybe a little!


My Kahuna Girls had yarn petting customers in our LYS this afternoon. Most of the time, one of them gets a customer to buy at least $100 in yarn! I would love to spend two hours in a yarn shop with Stephanie - what a hoot!


Stephanie is such an enabler. In a good way.
That sounds like a miraculous sales bin.


I have learned, through infinite regret, that if Cassie, Juno, or Stephanie say "BUY this" you just do. You don't ask questions. They always have a good reason. If you are in a situation where they are turning the tables, and telling you to tell them "BUY this", not only should you acquiese, you should also buy what they are buying. Because you will only regret not buying it, or spend an inordinate amount of time going back and trying to find it again.

Works for me.


I'm great at enabling yarn and fibers, not so great at enabling anything else, though.


That is too funny. I love the textile museum. Good thing too, I see it every morning, and every night. I live right next door to it!

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