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Happy blogiversary! I'm glad you and your blog are here in the blogiverse, and I think it's not at all unwise to take some time to build the life you want. We'll be here.


Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy reading your blog and seeing all you create.

Thanks for sharing!


Happy B-day. And here I thought I was the only one saved from isolated-mom-of-a-small-child-syndrome by the blogs. Its been a pleasure to read you, as well as get to know you IRL. Do what you need to do, both for yourself and for your family. As Cate just said, we will be here.


Thank YOU. If your piece in IK is any indication, we will be reading some great stuff in the years to come :-) Totally understand the pull -- I was just thinking this morning, how busy life is. It's all (or mostly, thank goodness) good, but still quite busy. We'll all be here -- (or at some of the upcoming S&W festivals!)


Happy Blogiversary! I completely understand about the "ever since he/she was born" thing. God, I live it every day. Oh but I have another year to go on the kitchen baseboards to catch up to you. I have much to do, but I can't stop knitting and I don't want to stop blogging, I don't imagine you do either. We'll be here.

Beth S.

Whatever you feel like saying (and whenever you get around to saying it) we're all interested in hearing it. Or reading it in whatever other medium you fancy. :-) Good luck sorting things out--and remember, a sock on the needles can really help you think. ;-)


Happy Blogiversary from a lurker!


Good luck! Balance is so hard in this obsessive life.


Happy Blog Anniversary! I'm glad to know you, in the flesh, and I'll stick around, for sure.


Happy blogiversary! And yes, balance is hard--do what you have to do!


You write something as nice as that and then you say you're cutting back?!




Happy Bloggiversary! A little of you is better than none!


Ah yes. I empathize with your either/or problems even without a child and the other time-eaters. I hope you will keep posting here about the various and sundry things you're doing, especially writing. Oh, writing. It is so much easier to knit than to write but the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment are so much greater in writing. I suppose it's a matter of meeting a challenge. I do like to meet a challenge in knitting, but you know, it's different. Okay, enough babbling. Good luck and I do hope you will not feel inhibited about posting little odds and ends.


I've found that the blog is a hungry habit, always willing and wanting me to feed it more. The allure is all the relationships that I'm building through it, but I'd like to think that they're friendships that will live on past the blog. The blog just makes it easier to keep in touch.

I guess what I'm saying is, yeah, Cate was right, we'll still be here. :) You've got lots of great things ahead of you - good luck with all of them!


Happy Blogiversary, lady!


happy anniversary! funny we started doing this thing within days of one another.


Never, ever, ever gonna get rid of me.

And I totally understand the conflict between blogging the fiber life...and having enough time to actually live life, fiber or otherwise.


Congrats on the blogiversary! I understand about not having enough time to do all the things you want. We'll still be here reading you when you have time to post. That's what I'm doing now, just posting regularly, but not necessarily as often. Life happens.


Congratulations on sending some stories out! I'll keep my fingers crossed, too. Good for you for getting back to it. None of our wonderful fiber friends would want to get in the way of your dreams.

Now I have to get an iPod so I can stop putting my knitting down to turn pages.


Happy blogiversary! Time flies...

Balance in all things. Makes perfect sense. Different things pull at different times and with different strengths. One must follow one's muse.


Happy Belated Blogiversary! And best of luck in all your endeavors.


Happy Blogiversary! What they all said. XO

Catherine Harrison

Happy Blogiversary! I enjoy your blog as often as you care to write in it. We all understand setting priorities, and circumstances are ever changing. There is a time and a season for everything. Best wishes to you and your writing. I love a good novel! I'm a bookworm as well as an obsessed knitter.


All the best in realizing your dreams!


Everyone needs a break to regroup etc. Blogging does afterall take up a lot of time. I just finished "The Last Days of Dogtown". Think I'll be making a trip to walk around soon. Thanks for putting that bug in my ear. I chose the book because of your link to the pics of the Dogtown rocks. Crazy network, huh?

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