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Naughty nautie! I see the same thing. Much better with the tentacles.

Beth S.

Oh, that Nautie is too adorable for words! I think it's the eyes. No, it's the tentacles. No, it's the variegated shell... the whole thing makes me smile, really. I've got to make one of these. :-)

I'm glad the Boy approves! ;-)


Wow! The Boy has a damn fine vocabulary for a young un. It's a good thing you didn't let the bawdy knitters get involved in the naming of the Nautie. (It could start with Naughty Nautie and go downhill mighty fast....)

Your group looks like you are having lots of fun!


He looks much better with his face and tenticles, or legs, or whatever they are since I'm not 100% on my aquatic anatomy.

I've got to start one of those, I think they are so cute.

Looks like a fun time was had by everyone.


Obviously there was too little wine drunk, or we'd have seen nautie posing.


I'm looking for a lacy wrap sweater pattern that will flatter a less-than-thin body--would you recommend the Karlsboro?

That's some vocabulary your Boy's got! You should be proud.


I, too, share Terry's glee at things sock related. Today I completed a cast on toe up sock! It's way cool. I don't really have anyone here to share my glee. Mr. Knitteriam just says Uhm. And my friends who know how to knit don't share my passion for it. I mean, doesn't everybody carry sport weight wool to the pool for making mittens? Doesn't everybody impale themselves on a double pointed needle as they reach into their purse to pay for the groceries?


They should have put that in the Knitty of a couple of summers ago....


Snigger- very Nautie indeed.
Sounds like a fun night


OMG could the Boy or that Nautie be any cuter? (or more precocious, hehe)

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