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Very pretty. I bet you are over the moon!


Lovely! Isn't it wonderful when you find the right wheel? Cate pushed me into the Reeves at SPA. She certainly has a gift, doesn't she?


LOL - Cate can be dangerous!! I saw her work that magic on Carole. The wheel - all I can say is "ooooooo!"


I had never heard of him. Of course, not being a spinner (yet) that's not too unusual. What a gorgeous wheel!
I hope you have many long, lovely hours spinning on it.


Ohhh, I've wanted one of those.....since way before I even thought I was going to ever be a spinner. Just as a piece of furniture. Someday......

Congratulations! It's soooo beautiful.


It is so perfect. I'm very happy that you bought it - I think it was one of those moments that could have had great potential for regret. Lucky Cate was there.


I think Russo's wheels are some of the prettiest out there. Good luck with her. She's lovely!


Gorgeous wheel. Enjoy it!


wow, that is one pretty wheel.


Wow, it's beautiful. I too would like one as a piece of furniture since I'm not a spinner (yet).


Just beautiful!


It was great seeing you--and congrats on bringing home such a beautiful wheel!


It's beautiful!! Think I need to stay away from Cate.


Amazing wheel. I love the delicate cut outs and the rich tones of the wood. It's a piece of art when not being used.

Rachel H

Happy sigh. Thank you for the pictures. She's beautiful.


I would just like to point out that Cate is pushing everyone around her into new wheels at the same time she is, shall we say, deaccessioning her own. Not that there's anything wrong with buying a new wheel, I'm just suggesting that there may be a bit of vicarious purchasing going on.

That sure is a gorgeous wheel, though! That inlay...such a thing of beauty you could never regret it.


She was destined to be yours, everyone said so.


Beautiful wheel, you're blessed on 2 accounts.


Oh, it's gorgeous! I can tell that she'll bring you much happiness.


oh my god, it is absolutely gorgeous. stunning. i'm glad you didn't walk away again!


not.good.enough. !?!

I'm going to come up there just to give you the spanking that deserves. It is beautiful, beautiful, but not one iota more than you absolutely deserve.

Do you realize that if not for you I might never have considered spinning? Do you?


You know when one of your friends gets something that is so beautiful and perfect for them that you forget that you wish it was yours and hope only for happiness and peace between them?

This is not like that.
I'm green.


I saw that picture of you with the wheel. It looked as if you were made for each other!


It's just gorgeous, Julia. I've enjoyed seeing the pictures of you spinning. And, you know what, you were perfectly calm about it on Saturday -- the sign of a great fit. Use it well!


Wow! Oh Wow!

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